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We research,innovate and produce ground breaking solutions. Our focus is to develop new technology capabilities,leverage available services and research enhancements to facilitate cutting edge user centric business enablement.

Artificial Intelligence

“Artificial intelligence is the ability to mimic human intelligence and perform human-like intelligent activities through use of machines, the basis of which are carefully designed algorithms.

At gravitas AI, we invest our time not only on creating efficient AI solutions which help optimize productivity and enhance customer delight but also focus on research and development to maximise efficiency of services available.”

Para Phrasing Algorithm

“We invest a lot of time in research and development to improvise the available technology and have developed multiple game changing API’s and applications as a part of our ongooing effort in this space

Our natutral language processing algorithm reduces developement effort. It enhances accuracy of repsonses and reduces failure rate by 70%”


“Tina can not only converse in text but also handle speech conversations.She can recognise entities based on speech and text and generate replies to even the most complicated questions.

Whether your customers interact with her using voice-based technologies or in plain text, Tina is sure to provide them with personalised answers that satisfy them to the utmost.”

Language detection & Translation:

“In global business scenario, your customers may be from different geographies and languages can be a barrier sometime.

Tina is smart enough to detect, understand and communciate in about 40+ language acorss geographies which include Europe, UK, USA, Asia”

Image Processing

“Understanding and interpreting unstructured data is key to mimic human intelligence in it’s true way. Our technology prowess enables us to read thriough and intepret images

Image recogntion not only helps in understanding and reflecting what the image wants to portray but also process the unstrucutred information into a structured format , which can be used for business and research insights”

Conversation Analytics

“Understanding your customers and knowing how you are performing agaisnt their expectations is always useful for a scuccessful business.

Our solutions focus heavily on this important aspect of busines. Tina can analyse conversation logs of real users and can produce businss driven KPI based insghits “

Transfer to agent

“Chatbots create great user expereicne and delight customers but sometimes customers do want to chat with humans directly or in some cases chat bot is not trained on certain topics.

In both scenarios we can do seamless transfer of chat with transcript to a human agent for customers interacting on telephone or chatbot User Interface”

Sentiment analysis

“Beyond natural language processing, Tina is also capable of sentiment analysis – the perfect feature for optimising user experience. She can understand the mood of your customers by carefully analysing the words and structures of the sentences fed to her in real time.

In response, she can offer personalisation and consideration while handling queries. This extra layer of information can then be used at scale by support teams to decide how to interact with users based on their current mood.”

Customisable UI

“It’s one of a kind experience for our clients, where we have put our efforts to make it easy and cost efficient. Our user interface can be customised easily without much technical know-how

Customers can change colors, font sizes, branding, apperarance etc. on their own through an interface and reduce the modifcation costs enabling enhanced sustainability”

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