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will chatbots replace humans

Will Chatbots Replace Humans someday?



Chatbots are probably one of the most leveraged and criticized AI agents. While these are leveraged for various reasons, one also criticizes these for significant reasons. But, this see-saw is not balanced! 


It is believed that keeping in hand the benefits chatbots propose, the criticism or drawbacks can be ignored, and we can settle this debate on “Chatbots are essential!” Though everyone would second the fact that “Chatbots are important!” Some say these can be catastrophic for humans! 


Nevertheless, the drawbacks can be well-handled with technology. Or, we shall ask, do we even need to worry?


What’s the deal with Chatbot? 


Chatbots or conversational AI agents are virtual agents that can mimic human behavior in many ways. These can chat, talk, implement human-like tasks, gather data, and whatnot! And, due to all these benefits, these are being highly used for personal and professional uses. 


Be it our day-to-day virtual agent in our smartphone or a specific virtual assistant that helps us complete a particular task like; solving our query or guiding us through an online process; an average human interacts with chatbots daily. But why wouldn’t it be? 


The advancing technology and trends have made these agents so needy that even imagining a life without them seems daunting. But if these are so important, why do people criticize them? 


One of the most significant reasons for criticizing or judging Chatbots is the concern that “Chatbots will replace humans someday!” and then emerges a fear, shall we, humans, need to be worried? 


Shall we all be worried? Will chatbots replace humans?

This is no surprise how Chatbots are quickly taking over tasks and jobs once imagined to be able to be done only by “Humans.” But, the wheel of technology has changed things! 


Now, right from warehouse management to delivering customer service, anything is automated or will get automated in the future. In such a scenario, the danger to humans of losing their jobs, working under Chatbots, getting replaced, and even taking orders from Chatbots seems real! 


While little can be claimed as if this all would happen or not, the fact that “technology is a problem as well a solution” seems reasonable. Therefore, it is underlined by various tech giants that, no matter how many Chatbots surface or help in human jobs, Chatbots will get managed by humans in the end and will add more jobs by opening the space for new skill requirements.


It’s time to settle conflicts

Technology was and will always be a way of advancement for humans. There is no specific transition phase when we will begin threatening our existence with the same. But we need to settle now! 


To settle this never-ending conflict, the importance of technology and the fact that “Technology is a problem and a solution ” have to be imbibed optimally. No matter how robust and advanced chatbots we develop, the fact that we are the ones who created them would never push our existence at bay. But only time and time will have the answers, and we genuinely believe the response will be positive!



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