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Why is TINA the perfect and tireless AI teammate for your business

Finding a perfect teammate sounds imaginary. The one who takes care of your business the way you do handles everything seamlessly, even when you are not there to assist! This sounds like a hard drill. But what if we tell you your tireless teammate is here! TINA, your AI teammate to the rescue.

Meet TINA: your tireless AI teammate! 

Say Hi to TINA! TINA is reliable and trustable. It ensures you keep all things maintained and analyzed when it comes to business. Not only this, it can support you 24*7 and can be your one-stop destination for all simple day-to-day to complex tasks! 

But, do you know how TINA does it all?

TINA is built by Gravista AI’s experts. It is based on updated Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and NLP principles. It is a chatbot with features that make it best for your business. Further, it is not only a reliable teammate for your business but also your customers!


It helps you establish a seamless, interactive customer experience where you can meet and interact with your customers in the best way possible. But, TINA’s powers don’t end here. Here are some of its amenities that make TINA your ideal business teammate- 

  • Performance-based support! 

TINA will not disappoint you if you are looking for a performance-based solution for your business. It works centrally according to your business’s needs and requirements. This customization and personalization ensure you get what you need to serve your customers best! 


As TINA can be customized, you can set your performance metrics. Whether collecting leads, establishing first communication with customers, or helping customers 24*7, TINA can support you in everything! 

  • Platform Agnostic

Different businesses use different platforms, which becomes a challenge while considering solutions. But, TINA is built with complete flexibility and resilience. This makes it compatible with almost all platforms. 


Furthermore, TINA’s embedded flexibility also helps maintain its stable performance across multiple channels! Also, it takes care of recent updates, versions, and functionalities of various platforms. This makes sure no matter what platform, version, or functionality you use, your business never suffers! 

  • Voice, text, or image Recognition! 

If you are a business that interacts with customers directly. TINA can be your magic wand! It can bridge the gap between you and your customers by maintaining seamless two-way communication. TINA dodges all communication barriers, whether via text chat, voice chat, or even via an image recognition method. 


This delivers a message to your customers that you care for them. And, what else can be better for a business than to get satisfied customers! 

  • Critical Insights and Analytics! 

If you are a business person, you would appreciate the value of data and analytics! How important analytics can be? How can the right analytics help you optimize your business? And TINA knows it too! 


Therefore, it is programmed to capture the correct data and analytics to make it your best teammate. It examines and observes the checkpoints and gathers insights that otherwise would remain unsurfaced. 

  • Secure and Scalable! 

If you are worried that TINA would give up on business scaling, You are wrong! 


TINA is designed to support the right scalability. This also makes it secure and safe for your business. Further, TINA also works with the right encryption, helping both data using SSL/TLS. This enhances and maintains its security and makes TINA safe and secure. Not only this, it is GDPR tested and compliant with progressive changes. So, without a doubt, configure TINA on your private business server. 


TINA, AI Teammate, is here! 

We know you might be thinking about how you can also leverage TINA for your business! Believe us, it’s easy. Get in touch with Gravitas AI’s experts today, and get your tireless AI teammate, TINA, onboard! 


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