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User Centered Design: Winner of Today’s World

Users are key components of any products’ market success. No matter how advanced the product’ design and utility are, if it doesn’t meet the end user’s expectations, the product doesn’t stand a chance in the market. 

Therefore, it is of utmost importance for developers and software programmers to develop a product with a “user-centred” design. But what is user-centred design? 

User-Centred Design (UCD)

UCD is a carefully designed and planned structure of a software product with an approach of solving user’s problems rather than just earning profits. For example: Think of two shopping based software. Product A shows related product recommendations on the home page whereas Product B shows various ads of vendors and sellers. 

You definitely would not like to see ads flooding amidst your “so want to buy” shopping list. That’s how influential user centered design can be. 

Throughout the process of developing a product with UCD, developers keep a keen eye on markets’ trends, intended problems the app or platform is supposed to solve for users and also to some extent study user behaviour. 

All these insights assist in designing an app that can win users and that’s what ensures product success. But does UCD fuel a product’s success in the market

How can UCD ensure product success? 

Only a person who writes would use a pencil. That’s how the product market reacts!

Though the product market is subject to the continuous commotion and is dynamic, there is something that’s always constant and that is the user’s inclination towards a product that can provide solutions to their problems. 

Users would always prefer a product sufficient and able to solve their problems. They’re practically not interested in how much profit a product can make or how many amenities it can offer. If that solves user’s hassles, it wins the market! 

That’s where having an optimum design thinking process can help. It can highlight and enlighten programmers on user’s problems, possible solutions, the point of view, the market dynamicity and everything else. It can end up developing designs that can influence the user’s opinion about the product and can win the masses. So, if next time you intend to develop a product, keep UCD in mind!





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