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Transform your Chatbot with our NLP Algorithm

Chatbots, the software programmes that understand human speech and simulate human conversation, offer a lot of benefits. Some of the advantages are improved customer service, reduced costs, and quick response.

Unlike humans who can serve a limited number of clients at a time, chatbots and handle a number of queries simultaneously. A chatbot should be interactive, with the capability to give relevant answers to the users’ queries. It should provide a human-like experience for enhanced engagement.

What keeps a chatbot conversation human-like?

Its clarity, brevity, and conversational repair! Clarity is the most important characteristic of a chatbot. When a chatbot interacts with humans, it should be devoid of any confusion. The conversation should be clear and easily understandable by the customer. Complicated responses can make the user confused.

Brevity or keeping the conversation concise or short is an important characteristic of a chatbot. Brief conversations are engaging and interesting, especially in customer support. Using the exact words which are required and ensuring that the chat is brief saves the customer’s time and gives him/her a pleasant experience.

Conversational repair refers to the process where the conversation is revised, or repeated with some kind of correction if it is recognized that the customer has not understood the initial conversation. There can be two scenarios:

  • The chatbot is able to understand the error and train itself based on the response it receives from the user. This is a form of unsupervised learning.
  • Humans analyse logs of the conversations and train the chatbot. This is a form of supervised learning.

Conversational repair is an important part of interactive conversation.  This ensures that the customer asks the right questions and gets the right solutions.

Introducing our NLP Algorithm

Chatbots are getting more innovative and powerful every day. Quick responses, relevant answers, engaging the customers – all these capabilities are improving with time. To give the right response to the customers, it is vital to have a chatbot that is competent and quick.

Is your chatbot competent enough? Can it effectively paraphrase the content so that it is easily understandable by the customer? Does it take a lot of time and effort for you to curate the content? If you are doubtful of the answer, we have the solution for you! Our NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithm is a novel solution that complements your chatbot and transforms it into a powerful tool for your business.

Enhance the Natural Language Processing Power of Your Chatbot

Our NLP algorithm enhances the natural language processing power of your chatbot. Our algorithm has higher capability in understanding what the customer is saying, which translates to better and relevant responses. The fact that our product continuously learns means that you can get continual improvement over time.

Are you spending time paraphrasing the questions? Our algorithm saves manual work! Through conversational repair, our algorithm ensures that the chatbot can eventually strike a better conversation with its enhanced understanding of a variety of questions.

80% Accuracy in Response

Our algorithm offers 80% response accuracy to the customer queries. Apart from the high likelihood of successfully answering a question, this further makes the conversation clear, brief and leads to happy customers. The right response at the right time can truly make the customer support strong and reliable.

Our Product is Available on AWS Marketplace

Our NLP algorithm is available on the AWS marketplace, which means it is thoroughly scanned and reviewed by the AWS team. It can be easily located. Being available on the AWS marketplace also offers a number of benefits such as reliable deployment, ease of billing, and secure payments, to name a few.

Our Product is Platform Agnostic!

Our product platform is platform agnostic. This means that it works equally well across a number of platforms. Our NLP algorithm can run on multiple cloud platforms, which means that no matter what OS you are using, you can utilize our algorithm. If you plan to shift or expand to another OS, our product would still be able to support your chatbot.

 How Does Our NLP Algorithm Work?

When the user sends in a query, our algorithm processes it, understands the query and comes up with the best response that is relevant. After a couple of questions, the user query would be resolved and the chat window would be closed.

However, what if there is no exact answer to the query? Then our NLP algorithm will offer 3 close match questions in the form of clickable buttons.  For example, if the customer is not satisfied with a service, he/she may type “not satisfied with the product.”

In such cases, the algorithm may ask the customer, “How would you like to proceed? 1. Return the product 2. Purchase a different Product 3. Get a Refund.” By offering the customer 3 questions, the algorithm will be able to keep the conversation relevant, engage the customer, and resolve the query.

If the user does not wish to choose any of the three questions, he/she can ask another question, which will be again processed by our NLP algorithm to take the conversation ahead and resolve the user’s query.

A Simple Plug-and-Play Solution

Our NLP algorithm is a simple plug and play solution available as a cloud-based REST API. Forget about complicated system intervention or software upgrade. With our plug-and-play solution, your chatbot will have increased capabilities in no time.

Make Your Chatbot Powerful

A chatbot can go a long way in handling customer queries, addressing them without the need for human intervention. Chatbots save time, money and the quick and relevant responses can make customers happy.  This leads to happy customers and increased revenue for your products/services.

With the advances in artificial intelligence, chatbots are becoming increasingly powerful and effective. Upgrading the existing chatbot can mean additional time, investment and manpower. With our NLP algorithm, you can make your chatbot powerful instantly, without any kind of hassle. Our algorithm will complement the capabilities of your chatbot to ensure you have a powerful solution at hand.

Spotting our product is easy. It is available as a plug-and-play solution in AWS marketplace. With capabilities such as natural language processing, 80% response accuracy and multi-platform compatibility, our algorithm can truly transform your chatbot and make it highly powerful.

Whether you are disappointed with your existing chatbot or seeking to include additional features, our NLP algorithm can exceed your expectations. It is simple to deploy and easy to use. Boost your customer support capability! Get in touch with us today to know more about our NLP algorithm!


Ankita Sinha, Co- Founder & CTO, Gravitas AI


Ankita Sinha
CTO & Co- Founder, Gravitas AI

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