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Hello, I am TINA,

Your tireless AI teammate
I am here to enable a seamless and engaging interactive experience for your customers and optimize the workload of your employees.
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Human Like Conversation

Gravitas have trained Tina on 400 million+ rows of data. She has been designed to read, listen, understand and decipher human languages in a way she can make sense of queries and respond with answers that are right and valuable. Built on the principles of machine learning, TINA understands the nuances, ambiguities, semantics and unclear characteristics of multiple global natural languages. This, in turn, helps her keep conversations as human-like as possible and engage people.

Voice & Text Chat

Tina can not only converse in text but also handle speech conversations.She can recognise entities based on speech and text and generate replies to even the most complicated questions. Whether your customers interact with her using voice-based technologies or in plain text, Tina is sure to provide them with personalized answers that satisfy them to the utmost.

Multi Lingual

Our conversational AI-powered chatbot, Tina is a polyglot. She integrates seamlessly with available translators to offer the convenience of multilingualism to your organisation. Break language barriers and interact with your customers on live chat in multiple global languages. Tina’s natural language processing capabilities further enable her to respond with accuracy, minimum fallacy and the much-needed human touch. Personalize conversations to offer users a customer experience, which is most memorable.

Platform Agnostic

With built-in flexibility and resilience, Tina has been designed to be platform agnostic. She runs with equal finesse across multiple platforms. Her cross compatibility enables her to function without any glitch on any device and operating system. Her omnichannel functionality further enables users to deploy her across business websites, mobile apps, social media platforms as well as emails. Because she operates within a platform that allows robust version control, changes to her are always dynamic, yet controlled.

Image Recognition

Taking conversational interfaces to the next level, Tina is a chatbot that comes with exceptional image recognition abilities. She can decipher images online as efficiently as she can read text and audio messages. She has the intelligence of error-free image analysis and object recognition so your customers are provided with the most accurate answers to their questions and therefore, an ideal user experience.

Analytics Insight Generation

Tina’s prowess is not limited to just interacting with your customers and taking the workload off your staff. She goes that extra mile to offer you valuable insights into user analytics as well. This data can then be used to understand user behavior, know who is looking for what and target your audience better. Via conversational analytics, Tina thoroughly examines and evaluates each conversation and generates reports regarding the words used, the possible emotions and outcomes.

Handover to human agent

Tina enables seamless human takeover when the need arises. She is simple to use, the agents in your organisation can easily keep an eye on the entire conversation history and enter the scene with proper context whenever human intervention is required. This feature comes in handy whenever your customers are asking questions that are beyond Tina’s trained intelligence. In such a case, human handover enables you to take the driver’s seat and steer the conversation without losing the customer.

Sentiment Understanding

Beyond natural language processing, Tina is also capable of sentiment analysis – the perfect feature for optimising user experience. She can understand the mood of your customers by carefully analysing the words and structures of the sentences fed to her in real time. In response, she can offer personalisation and consideration while handling queries. This extra layer of information can then be used at scale by your support team to decide how to interact with users based on their current mood.

Secure, Scalabale & Compliant

Tina can encrypt all incoming and outgoing data using SSL/TLS, which makes are an extremely secured AI-enabled chatbot. She is scalable as per business requirements and compliant with relevant regulations. She has also passed the GDPR test. As part of her ongoing support, she also ensure continued compliance with GDPR for new changes. Third-party products or services are used only after the compliance due diligence is completed. You can host Tina on your private servers and configure her for Single Sign On (SSO).

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