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TINA, Your Intelligent Virtual Assistant: Why is She Better Than Any Other Chatbot

Chatbots or virtual assistants are gaining advantages as we progress with time. Every day they are preferred more than they were yesterday. And why wouldn’t they be? 

Range of applications, great ROI, mitigating costs, 24*7 availability, customer support, data gathering, and so forth. And, believe us, these are just starting. Chatbots or virtual assistants have many other advantages as well! 

To know complete details of Chatbot benefits, read it here! But does only getting the Chatbot deployed for your business serve the purpose?  

As important as it is to leverage the chatbot for your business, it is equally important to select the best one. While this may sound inconsiderable now, the range of Chatbots available might confuse you! 

Choosing TINA Can Make a Difference!

TINA is an AI Powered Chatbot developed by the team of Gravitas AI. It is built with robust AI and ML principles. It is continuously updated and tailored for today’s dynamic, and competitive world. There are a lot of things that make TINA way different from a regular Chatbot. Here are some of those-

  • Platform Agnostic 

TINA is platform agnostic. It can work with your already integrated platforms so that you don’t need to make any extra changes, or adaptations to your business. While many of the chatbots available might not be platform agnostic, TINA wins it here! 

It has its flexibility. While being friendly for many platforms, it never settles on productivity and efficiency. So, no matter what platforms your business operates with, TINA’s cross-compatibility will benefit you! 

  • Industry Customized

We have not built one version of TINA. To keep it parallel with your industry, we have customized a model of TINA for your industry. With features, your business would require. This would help you get the most out of your virtual assistant. 

Gravitas AI’s team of experts ensures we muster TINA with features you, and your business needs. To make it easy, you can schedule a customized demo with our experts

  • A Step Further Than NLP

NLP or Natural language processing chatbots are preferred. This is because these can deliver human-like behavior. And, when customers get to chat with a virtual assistant with human-like behavior, they feel engaged and heard. 

But, TINA is a step forward than NLP. It has an algorithm that can perform sentiment analysis. 

This aids in optimizing user experience, and providing top-notch virtual experience to customers. Further, the queries answered with a human-sentiment touch always make users feel connected to the brands, and businesses. 

  • Records Say TINA is Best AI Powered Chatbot

Numbers speak for TINA’s success. While deploying TINA can provide a range of benefits to varied industries, here are the stats on how she helped the healthcare sector. (Data is from Gravitas AI’s regular clients)

It significantly reduced patient engagement costs by 30-50%!
It helps save staff efforts by around 20-30%!

TINA: Your AI Powered Chatbot is Just a Step Away! 

If you want to get the most out of your virtual assistant, we suggest you invest in the best. And, TINA has everything you need! Businesses all over the nation are leveraging TINA. And, your business can be next to get benefits from TINA. Choose her as your teammate, and leverage its plethora of features and amenities. TINA; your AI-powered chatbot! 


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