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The next big thing for WhatsApp: it’s future in Ecommerce

With billions of users worldwide, Whatsapp is becoming everyone’s preferred messaging platform. And, why wouldn’t it be? The ease of messaging, anytime access, and encryption make it ideal for everyone.  

But, in recent times it has become a lot more than just a chit-chat platform for friends, relatives, and peers. It is slowly entering the business world! 

WhatsApp and its steady entry into the business world

No matter what age you are, what interests you the most, or from which city you belong, you must be aware of the “digital shopping” wave going on. Everyone has got this habit of getting everything online. From products to services, getting everything online is the new trend. 

But, the recent pandemic pushed everything on edge. It jinxed the supply chain management of digital shopping, and things changed. Businesses were made to think of an alternative solution. The aim was to find a solution that’s easy to use, friendly for everyone and doesn’t have any security, or data leakage issues. 

Whatsapp emerged as an ideal solution! And that’s how Whatsapp entered the business world! 

Businesses leveraged this for sending deals, alerts, and notifications to customers, optimizing service support, and whatnot! Not only this, but some e-commerce businesses also used WhatsApp bots as a platform to chat with their customers, and build relationships. It seemed like a perfect revolution for the e-commerce industry. 

But, is it here to stay? 

WhatsApp’s future in the Ecommerce industry

The E-Commerce industry is growing and is not expected to halt in the coming few decades. And, with this advancement, there surfaces a need for regular developments and improvisations. 

The recent improvisation; the addition of WhatsApp on e-commerce platforms; is of great importance. And, if industry experts are believed, it is here to stay. Here are a few reasons that establish WhatsApp’s future in e-commerce is bright- 

  • Regular Updates for smooth integration! 

Ever since WhatsApp is being considered by e-commerce businesses, the platform has released important updates. That too for both business as well personal accounts! 

Features such as list messages, and quick reply buttons are some of the features that make WhatsApp ideal for e-commerce businesses. On the other hand, the ease of chatting, security, and a facility to reach brands, and business straight away has made it friendly, and preferred by customers as well! The platform also ensures feasibility and seamless integration that makes WhatsApp a preferred choice for e-commerce businesses. 

  • Right features

To establish, and allow a chat between a brand and a customer, there is a range of concerns. These can be security reasons, privacy breaches for customers, gathering prospective customers’ interest for a product, establishing encryption, data security, and so forth. This makes customers, as well as businesses, scrutinize, and hesitant about other platforms available. 

But, Whatsapp ensures this by delivering the right features for everyone. This mitigates the doubt about the platform’s security, ease of usage, and right deliverables. Further, the recent addition of payment features on WhatsApp also diminishes any points of concern for customers, as well as businesses. 

  • Automation at its best! 

One of the foremost challenges for an e-commerce business is maintaining, and executing everything in such a way the customer feels entertained, and informed all the time. And, this cannot be achieved manually keeping in mind the number of customers e-commerce businesses deal with on an everyday basis. 

That’s where WhatsApp’s features to provide automation take the lead. One can automate replies, messages, notifications, product updates, and whatnot! All this helps businesses establish connections with customers that too with minimal effort. 

  • Something for everyone

If you are thinking WhatsApp is not for you, you are probably unaware! 

No matter if you are a small, mid-level or large level business, Whatapp has something for every ecommerce business. So, get your Whatsapp business chatbot integrated with your e-commerce platform today.  

Whatsapp for e-commerce; a smart investment! 

Are you an e-commerce business? If yes, it’s time you do some smart investments. Get your business a WhatsApp chatbot today and automate the process of customer support & service, send alerts, receive payments, and do a lot more. That too with one simple integration of WhatsApp! 

If you need detailed assistance on chatbot assistance on your platform, talk to Gravitas AI experts, and get customized solutions for your business. 



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