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The Tech Revolution: How Virtual Assistants are Empowering Businesses and Individuals Through Innovation and Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has emerged as an exciting technology, redefining how companies operate and perform their daily routines. The rapid developments in digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and big data Analytics have paved the way for businesses to scale and grow their businesses by embracing digital transformation. In this fast-paced environment, the dependency on technology has increased. Businesses are on a constant lookout to streamline operations, boost productivity and achieve growth. AI-based virtual assistants have proven to be a remarkable solution for businesses allowing them to harness the power of digital technologies to optimize their operations and scale up their growth. Let us discuss the tech revolution and ascertain how virtual assistants are empowering businesses and individuals through innovation and digital transformation.

Harnessing the Power of Data

Data has become integral for data operations and holds tremendous significance. It has become imperative for organizations to effectively capture, analyze and organize vast amounts of data to attain a competitive edge. The whole motive behind capturing the data is to uncover hidden patterns and make much more customer-centric and data-driven decisions. As mentioned, the dependency on technology has increased a lot. It is not only organizations but individuals who have access to digital technologies and the digital world. Companies have the opportunity to keep track of customer activities and observe what they are doing.

As an organization, you can implement robust data management strategies and bring virtual assistants into the picture. AI-based virtual assistants will help keep a record of the conversations with the customers, enhancing your understanding of the customers. Furthermore, the assistants can be used to offer personalized support to the customers, or the information can be shared with the employees to enhance the experience of the customers. Data is the foundation of the online world and is poised to give companies an edge. Reliable data analytics can like businesses increase their efficiency and productivity.

This may save the time of the staff members as they may not have to spend unnecessary time understanding the needs of the employees. Perceiving consumer behavior can enhance operational efficiency. However, one must keep track of the reliability and accuracy of the data to ensure the results are appropriate.

Elevating Customer Experiences

Customer expectations and understanding of the brand have skyrocketed in the past decade. The customers are well aware of the communication tactics and approaches that businesses follow. In addition, customers are expecting seamless, personalised and immersive experiences. Customers these days are looking for instant solutions, and do not like to wait. If a customer even has to wait longer than 5 seconds, then there is a high chance that the customer will bounce back or look for an alternative brand.

You cannot lose out on your customers because of slow services. Businesses can implement cutting-edge chatbots and AI virtual assistants to uplift the experience of the customers. Virtual assistants can make it easier to engage with customers in new and exciting ways, helping make the relationship more seamless and better. This may further foster brand loyalty and help build an effective connection with the customers.

Embrace Combination of Cloud and Agility

Automation and cloud computing are transformative forces, revolutionizing the way businesses operate. Cloud computing is allowing businesses to store and gather data effectively, empowering organizations to minimize capital expenditures and increase collaboration. This helps streamline business operations, opening ways for innovation. Whatever communication happens with AI virtual assistants will be stored digitally on cloud platforms, streamlining the entire operations and making it easier for the employees to go through what’s happening.

The adoption is no longer an option but a strategic bet that can enhance efficiency and free up valuable time for the employees. AI-powered insights can even make accurate predictions, driving innovation and allowing the staff members to focus on higher-value activities. Agility has always been one of the concerns for businesses. However, AI and virtual assistants allow businesses to uncover this potential and complete business tasks at a much faster pace.

Summing Up  
It is quite evident that embracing digital technologies is no longer an option. It is becoming imperative for organizations to adapt to digital technologies and embrace the chance to maintain a competitive edge. AI virtual assistants and automation hold power that may allow businesses to embark on successful digital transformation journeys. Unlock the true potential of your business and leverage the power of virtual assistants to transform your business operational journey.


RPA with Conversational AI: Future of Business Optimisation


In this fast-paced world, we have endless technologies designed to help businesses stay competitive. Chatbots, automation and robotic technologies have become the buzzword of the modern technological world. With that being said, businesses often have to skim through a variety of acronyms and new tech developments to find an ideal match for their processes. RPA is one such software technology, enabling businesses to automate repetitive tasks, taking the help of software robots or artificial intelligence. RPA is the future of business process optimisation, and it stands  for Robotic Process Automation and a technology that helps in defining a set of instructions that robots or bots can perform.   

Does that mean robots are taking over the business world? Well, not entirely. However, robotic process automation is definitely serving to reduce frequent and repetitive tasks. It not only reduces the chances of errors, but provides room so that your team can perform more efficiently. Deploying RPA can have several benefits and there are also debates about how RPA can change the future of business process automation. Excited to know more about technology? Continue reading to find out the bigger picture and understand how RPA technology may change the future of different industries.  

The Bigger Picture  

According to Grand View Report, the global RPA market size was valued at USD 2,322.9 million in 2022. It is further projected to grow, with a CAGR of 39.9% from 2023 to 2030. The numbers suggest how RPA is proving to be an excellent investment for businesses across different segments. Let us also take a look at the potential of RPA and ascertain the benefits it provides.  

Unmatchable Accuracy and Consistency  

No business would want to compromise on its revenue because of inaccurate information. This is one of the reasons why there are companies who prioritise induction, in the beginning, to ensure the employees are well-versed with the technicalities of the business. Despite this, there is room for error. How would you feel if we said that you can eliminate the risk of errors at all? Errors can lead to losses and may impact the trust of users.   

In contrast, RPA is an effective technology that can help hit accuracy goals. On top of it, technology can help with reliable consistency. At times, employees may take a leave or break but RPA will be available for your business 24*7 according to convenience. Your business may be able to finish tedious tasks in less time by leveraging this technology.  

A Better Customer Service Experience   

No matter how well-designed the product is, you cannot gain over your customers if the customer service is not up to the mark. User experience is one of the important aspects that can make a huge difference and RPA is one such technology that can assist in increasing that foothold. You can even guide the robot’s software to process the daily tasks so that the staff members can focus highly on the customers and resolve their concerns in the least time possible.   

A better customer service experience is achievable when both bots and employees share equal responsibility. Do not just rely on the bots, as it could reduce human intervention and involvement. Many users prefer talking to a customer agent, rather than discussing it with the bot. While it is excellent technology, you should try to maintain a balance between both, to create seamless integration. 

Boost Productivity at All Levels  

Technology is always one step ahead and can help in solving critical complex tasks. RPA can facilitate employees in performing mundane tasks with ease. The robots are designed to follow instructions.  If your enterprise has a huge amount of data, you may face multiple challenges in analysing it. Employees analysing manually may feel the grind and exhaustion after a few hours or may even take days to complete the process. On the other hand, RPA could be the best bet. It will not only deliver accurate results but will also help boost the productivity of employees at all levels.  

Improved Database Management and Analytics  

How difficult and time-consuming it will be if an employee would have to collate all the data? But it would be super-efficient if all the data can be gathered without any hitch with the help of RPA. A larger dataset implies how a business can leverage to create different conclusions and has the potential to make more strides in their business world. Not only this, but better data collection also means better and improved data analytics. RPA, Future of Business Optimisation can keep track of the designated tasks and would have a clearer understanding of the work. This helps in reducing errors while bringing forward a much more precise set of analytics. Businesses can leverage analytics to make predictions and optimize their performance.  

Improved Data Security  

With the increasing number of data leaks, breaches and other cybersecurity issues, the management has to take extra steps. RPA adds that level of shield by reducing the number of human interventions. The security of systems is an effective step that can be highly beneficial for the future trends of businesses across different sectors.  


The RPA bot autonomously navigates through various business rules, procedures, and systems to guarantee that claims are processed with great speed and accuracy. In order to automate claims processing with a minimum of human involvement, the interactive chatbot and the RPA bot collaborate.

If you are looking forward to scaling up your business or improving the entire workflow, leveraging RPA could be an excellent choice. It is an investment that will make it easier to deal with a higher volume of data with much ease. RPA when combined with conversational AI is undeniably the future of business process optimisation with a lot of benefits. Make sure you integrate RPA and guide your employees to improve their overall functioning. At Gravitas, we offer solutions that may enhance customer experience and optimize employee productivity. Get in touch with us to integrate your timeless teammate who will work for you 24*7 and help you scale up your business more effectively. 

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5 latest Technologies that will rule the future 2022


Not long ago, the idea of 3G or 4G sounded witty, and even the implementation of electric cars seemed unthinkable. But, it all happened, and that too for good! The time wheel is revolutionizing continuously, and so is technology. The things tech has made possible today were not even in our wild imagination a time ago. All this happened due to human’s stubbornness to change and regularly improvise technology for advanced tomorrow. But, just like time is dynamic, technology also changes continuously. And today’s best invention can just be tomorrow’s usual when more advanced principles arise. That’s how technology never fails to amaze humans. Let’s dig in to know the 5 latest technologies that are here to stay!

Every day, a new application or principle arises, opening a whole new dimension for making lives more automated and better. Here are some of the technological breakthroughs that seem pragmatic for the advanced future we all aspire to- 


  1. Data Science


If we say That Science is the next big thing of the 21st century, it will not be an exaggeration. Its application in some of the most complicated and thriving sectors makes it a technology worth advancing and exploring. 


For years, Interpreting, monitoring, and leveraging data has been a core process for enterprises, research, logistics and whatnot! Data science provides an ability to manage, comprehend, interpret and implement this complicated data and uncovers the core understanding of data for various processes.


A precise and efficient data science algorithm can assist in A to Z of data operations. This further makes research surveys, medical findings, and IoT possible. Data analysis and interpretation in these domains and e-commerce retail can unleash new dimensions to reach and understand the target customers. The applications of data science in getting deep insights into climate patterns, understanding migration strategies of wildlife, etc., are also emerging. 


Artificial intelligence and machine learning can do wonders and provide humans with insights they never knew existed. Therefore, the tech giants like Netflix and Amazon are inclined toward investing in Data analytics. 


“ The core advantage of data is that it tells you something you didn’t know before.”

                                                                           ~Hilary Mason (Data scientist and founder of Fast forward labs)


  1. Robotics


If there is something that is most fascinating about tomorrow is “Automation” and what could be the best example of automation than Robotics 


The idea of robotics lies solely in the aim of mitigating human intervention in any process and achieving automation through robots with a perfect and precise combination of hardware and software coordination. 


An AI-driven algorithm and perfectly placed mechanical parts make a perfect robot!


The applications of robots in warehouses, medical surgeries, and logistics are highly leveraged. Not only this, but the ideas of implementing robotics in security systems, mechanics, and other processes are also emerging. 


  1. Blockchain


When everything is going digital, how can currency step back?


Since the digital currency or cryptocurrency has been in the news, blockchain is also getting the limelight and some genuine investors. The way people have been inclining toward blockchain to invest and extract some extra benefits is probably one of the future technologies. 


If the reports are believed, the blockchain market will get $11.7 billion worldwide by 2022. Besides this, the other associated amenities of blockchain, such as security, advanced gateways, unique implementation, and engagement, make it worth talking about. The bank’s infrastructure costs are estimated to get reduced by around 30%. 


If you are someone interested in investing and getting good returns, digging deep into blockchain would be the perfect plan for you! 


  1. AR & VR


Augmented Reality or Virtual reality is another emerging technology for the future. The way it enhances the user experience and brings different “reality” alive, it has immense unlocked chambers to unlock. 


Application: Gaming, IoT, and security systems is explored and leveraged.


  1. Edge computation


A new emerging technology, Edge computing, provides solutions to some hard-to-deal issues. Edge computing stores data near the source so it can easily access even with weak networks. 

Its implementation in IoT devices has made them fast and more reliable. But, the technology is still under experimentation and implementation processes. 


Technology is a Surprise


Technology is a complete surprise and has dimensions no one can even think or dream of. It can provide humans with the powers we always desire. Apart from these 5 latest technologies we discussed, there are many more on the cusp of becoming! Only time will unfold the wonders to us.


And its dynamic nature is not a result of today. Can you think of a time when there were no computers? We have come along a path that even flying automobiles seem doable today. The unthinkable technology of today will always be usual tomorrow and new technologies principles will keep on arising. 


AI Healthcare

Conversational AI(TINA) for Healthcare: Retransforming with the intelligent AI

It was not much before when COVID hit the world and made everyone realize the importance of stable healthcare services. Though the advancements in the field of healthcare were already in process, COVID highlighted the need. And, since then the use of Conversational AI in healthcare has been on the road. 


One such AI principle being extensively leveraged in healthcare is Conversational AI! 


Conversational AI in healthcare

Believe it or not, conversational AI sets new applications in healthcare. Today, the rapid resolutions, service, and finding help online in minutes is the new “but-obvious” achievement. But, the healthcare sector struggles here! And, for that, it is now believed that conversational AI can help resolve the challenges, and retransform how healthcare used to operate! Let’s deal with both aspects in detail! 


Healthcare, and its challenges! 

Healthcare is the sector that operates with continuous risk and scrutiny! A new treatment technique comes up? An advanced diagnostic method? Or even a new online software? Everything in healthcare is seen through a lens of criticism. And, why should it not be? It would directly affect human lives! That’s where transforming healthcare becomes a challenge. 


But, recently, when the times took a 360 degrees turn and made everything available online a necessity, Healthcare also dug up, and found its solution in AI, and machine learning! Though the principles such as Data Science, data handling, and record keeping are also on the road in the healthcare industry, one of the most believed AI-based principles is conversational AI! And, it is believed that it can solve some of the healthcare industry’s challenges! 


Conversational AI; a solution for Healthcare! 

Healthcare is one of the top 5 industries that get leveraged by conversational AI, and that explains how significantly it can transform this sector. But, do you know? 


How effectively, or precisely conversational AI can benefit your business depends on how efficient the solution or Chatbot is! And, that’s what needs the mention of an efficient Chatbot; TINA! 

Meet TINA! 

TINA is an AI-powered chatbot designed by the experts of Gravitas AI! It is designed on the basis of robust principles of machine learning, and NLP makes it an efficient addition to healthcare operations. Here are some of the ways in which TINA can help retransform healthcare- 

  • Bridges the gap in communication

It has been long realized that the most challenging bottleneck of the Healthcare sector is providing patient support outside of Doctors working hours. And, conversational AI solutions like TINA can handle this well! 


TINA Can handle patients’ inquiries 24*7, that too in a patient’s comfort language This happens because of the functionality of TINA to be able to chat in over 20 languages. While eliminating language barriers, TINA also ensures the right patient-doctor communication. It ensures patients get the help even outside of doctor availability hours. 

  • First-hand support: Right time, right help! 

Conversational AI can indeed help, but the end game is Doctors. And that’s where the need of connecting patients to Doctors at the right time becomes a concern. 


TINA can seamlessly connect patients to doctors at the right time. It can do this while becoming a patient’s reliable first-hand support. So, that no patient feels unattended! 

  • Analytics

In today’s time, analytics, and data are the strengths! And, that’s what TINA provides Doctors! 


Once integrated, and enabled, TINA gathers critical data. This helps healthcare facilities, or Doctors to monitor, record, and also identify patients’ pain points. Also, this gives deep dive into critical insights that help one make healthcare services better, and more patient-centric. 

  • Operations Management

As far as operation management is concerned, Healthcare facilities, and even independent doctors struggle! But, with little automation, and optimization this can be solved! 


TINA does the same! It helps you manage everything from a single dashboard. Be it lead management, or handling day-to-day operations of healthcare facilities, it manages everything from end to end. This helps keep things recorded, and well-managed. That too with complete automation, and precision! 

TINA: For your Business’ smart future with Conversational AI in Healthcare

The future of healthcare is Smart! And, it’s time that medical facilities and Doctors also embrace the “smart” technology to serve their patients better. And, TINA seems like a reliable solution! 


With advanced tech, and NLP integrated, TINA can be your one-stop solution. It can be your tireless AI teammate that can handle operations, appointments, and first-hand patient support right with ease. That too, with complete automation, and precision. If you are also from the healthcare industry, meet TINA’s creator today to understand its complete potential. Also, dig more into how integrating TINA can retransform your healthcare services! Schedule a demo with experts now! 

AI Conversational AI

Here’s why chatbots can be a magic wand for your IT business


No business is devoid of challenges and problems. Be it the one dealing in a broad niche like the food industry or the one that deals in challenging, narrow niches like retail and real estate, there are hurdles. But, as problems are omnipresent in this dynamic business era, we can also find solutions under the surface. More often than not, technology is the answer to all such problems! One such technology solution for businesses across is the “Chatbots” for IT Business! 


How can Chatbots be the solution for your business? 


Believe it or not, Chatbots or conversational AI agents can help you get rid of most of your business challenges. Chatbots can bridge the gap between you and your prospective customer, whether it is about customer satisfaction, business running costs, marketing, etc. Chatbots are effective in helping you and your business’s direct customers and mitigating any pain points for your business’s employees or team. Thus we all can agree that chatbots are a tool worth adding.


Here are some of the evidence that pronounces Chatbots as a solution for businesses- 


  • In research by Chatbots Life, it was observed that around 47% of customers buy a product from Chatbots! So, Chatbots can now drive sales and not just be used for assistance.
  • Chatbots can help you save almost 30% of customer service costs.
  • Chatbots Life estimated that by 2023, businesses would save around 2.5 billion hours in customer support and assistance. That reflects how chatbots would speed up the process of resolving customer queries. 
  • According to BI Intelligence, it is said that Chatbots save around $174 billion in industries such as Insurance, the financial sector, sales, and also customer service and support! So, thinking that chatbots are only needed in the B2C industry is dubious! 


And that’s how Chatbots show positive and progressive growth in various sectors and have been tested by many experts and business veterans. But, one of the industries that leverage Chatbots most, and can even expand its benefits to several horizons, is the IT sector! Let’s dig more! 

Chatbots and the IT sector


IT sectors, one of the most dynamic and central to technological changes, are undoubtedly leveraging Chatbots! It is leveraging it in bringing automation and precision. Some of the advantages of Chatbots in the IT sector are- 


Get your Chatbot to “Coding”

Coding has long been known as an entirely human process, but no more! Chatbots could soon be programmed to code and write working and functional computer codes. And that would not only reduce dependency on coders and developers but can also mitigate any false codes and anomalies in codes. 


IT Chatbots can also stabilize the software market as the codes would be more precise and optimum. Further, while one might think Chatbots can replace coders, this is quite distant now. But, chatbots can indeed be seen as first-hand support for developers and programmers.  


Managing Logistics

One of the significant challenges of IT is managing and optimizing logistics. Establishing a balance between transactions, tracking, discovery, routing, etc., is cumbersome and propounds many challenges for the IT sector. But that’s where chatbots lubricate the process! 


One of the most crucial advantages of IT Chatbots is that they can successfully handle leads and support tickets, and last but not least can precisely collect data about logistics. Further, the data collected provides insights worth processing and can surface critical parameters. 


“It is thereby believed that by implementing Chatbots in Logistics, one can bring almost 805 automation to ticket resolution and customer service! 


Data Stores

Cutting-edge technologies such as AI and ML are implemented to develop advanced Chatbots. It makes these conversational agents intelligent and keen on details for businesses to leverage the Chatbots in capturing and processing data! 


No matter what business sector, product, or service you serve, you would appreciate the value of data. And, chatbots being precise agents to capture and process data fills this gap. These can not only converse and serve your customer but can also capture data that can be crucial to making business improvisations and modifications. 


Chatbots: modern era helping hands


If we say, modernization has revolutionized the way business operates and interacts, Chtabors are a perfect example of modern era helping hands. Be it the challenge of maintaining several things at once, or delivering customer service and support to customers with different needs, requirements, and personas, Chatbots leave no loose ends. So, elevate automation, interact with your customers anytime, save costs, and deliver customer satisfaction. And, do all this just by investing in the right Chatbot today! 


Get your customized business Chatbot ready from the experts of Gravitas AI! Contact us today! 


AI Conversational AI

5 Powerful Ways TINA can improve your Business



Conversational AI is the future. In such times, when a customer is so habitual of having a business chatbot to resolve a query, it becomes essential and an obvious need for a business to have its own customized and central to their business Chatbot. That’s where Gravitas AI can help! TINA can improve your business! Let us dig in to know more


Our AI-powered assistant, TINA, can help you take your Business to elevated levels. It can help you improvise various aspects of your Business to keep the budget in the correct ratios. Here are some of the advantages of implementing TINA to improve your Business:


Human-Like Conversation 


TINA is developed with the robust and advanced principles of AI and ML. It has been trained with around 400 million+ rows of data to keep it functioning near humans possible. It can read, listen, and comprehend the customer’s query. Not only this, it is programmed to answer in most related and significant ways to the customer’s query. 


This ensures proper customer engagement and resolution to their queries in the most human-like way. 


Multiple ways of communication


TINA can not only converse with customers over text but also supports voice chat assistance. It opens comfort doors for customers. Further, this can also benefit when a business has customers who speak a different language. As TINA, with the ability to chat in text and voice, is also a master in (number) different languages, it can precisely mitigate any possible challenges of establishing a conversation between Business and customers. TINA effectively conquers the language and the communication barrier with a mass of customers at one go.  


Friendly with different platforms


If you are worried if TINA can work with your Business’s platform, we assure you it can! It has built-in resilience, flexibility, and stability that make it ideal for working with various platforms. It has a feature of cross-compatibility that ensures its efficiency across different platforms. Further, its dynamicity with the proper stability makes it a fine choice for apps, websites, and other platforms. So, no matter what platform you use, TINA can surely take care of Business!


Critical Insights and Analytics


TINA can not only mitigate the communication gap with your Business’s customers but can also help you comprehend them better. It can do so with the aid of collecting critical insights and analytics.  


Once you integrate TINA as your conversational AI partner, it can gather and provide you data on user behaviors, queries, possible resolution time, satisfaction, and other scathing insights that otherwise remain unsurfaced. This makes TINA not only your sales or customer support and service partner but also makes an integral component in expanding Business, optimizing customer satisfaction, and other verticals. 


Scalable and Secure 


To make it a secure and safe AI-driven Chatbot, TINA is equipped with encryption with a range of incoming and outgoing data with the assistance of SSL/TLS. Thus, TINA makes for a super-secure and guarded virtual assistant for your Business. Not only this, but integration with SSL/TLS also makes Tina easily scalable. 


So, no matter how much you grow your Business, TINA will accompany you in stabilizing the Business’s growth and requirements. It is also GDPR tested and can be leveraged for private server services and SSO or single sign-on! 


Give your Business a boost with TINA! 


It’s time you also get business benefits from TINA. Optimize your customer support, service, and acquisition. Serve your customers’ queries in no time without compromising the quality or value. 


Want to implement TINA who can improve your business? Get help from Gravitas’s experts, the creators of TINA now. Contact us now! 



COVID-19: Utilizing Artificial Intelligence in the Wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic

The novel Coronavirus has brought the world to its knees. As the number of positive cases and deaths keep rising, and mankind awaits an FDA-approved drug, frontline workers in the fields of healthcare and technology are constantly striving to come up with effective solutions.

Artificial Intelligence is providing strong support to the healthcare ecosystem!

Virus Diagnosis

E-commerce behemoth Alibaba has come up with an AI platform to fight this global pandemic. This is a diagnosis system with 96% accuracy, they claim.

According to the company’s cloud-based business unit, the platform can help frontline medical workers diagnose the virus in seconds.

Drug Development

Developing drugs is a tedious process and easier said than done during a pandemic. The time to market for an effective drug is about a decade with a failure rate more than 90%.

Thankfully, Artificial Intelligence can help in accelerating this process and make drug development quicker, cheaper and more successful.

Google’s DeepMind is leveraging the potential offered by AI to understand the protein structure of the novel Coronavirus.

Similarly, South Korea-based Deargen is using MT-DTI, a deep learning model that makes use of simple chemical sequences instead of 2D and 3D molecular structure of the protein to figure out it’s binding affinity to a target protein.

Delivery of Medical Supply

To reduce human to human interaction during the COVID-19 pandemic and still deliver medical supplies on time, AI-powered intelligent drones are being put to use.

Companies such as Terra Drone are using these tech marvels to carry medicines, samples and quarantine materials and even to patrol public spaces with the help of thermal imaging.

Hospital Chores

Robots are being used to supply medicines, deliver food, clean, sterilize and perform other hospital chores. This is a welcome change when the need for social distancing is highly warranted, but reducing human to human interaction is kind of difficult inside hospital premises.

Companies such as Blue Ocean Robotics are supplying UVD robots that use UV rays to kill germs. Others such as those from Pudu Technology are being deployed to cater food. Overall, it’s a collective effort.

Another company called Ant Financial is offering a blockchain platform that speeds up processing of healthcare claims to minimize the interaction between hospital staff and patients.

Content Moderation on Social Media

This is a bigger challenge than we can imagine. Content moderation is needed to maintain calm and peace during a pandemic. Social networks need to be policed regarding sharing of sensitive, fake and unwanted news related to COVID-19.

Recently, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn jointly announced that they are going to work closely on COVID-19 response efforts. The idea is to promote trusted content and remove any kind of misinformation.

Information Provision

Accessing the right information about the novel Coronavirus is of utmost importance. This is where AI-powered chatbots can be used. They have the potential to offer day and night 2 way communication tirelessly to keep people updated with the latest, specific and required information on the Coronavirus pandemic.

At Gravitas AI, we are using conversational AI to facilitate information provision through trusted sources. This is our humble contribution to this battle against the virus through our highly advanced algorithms. We currently have 3 versions of the bot : a) for global audiences using advisory from the World Health Organisation b) for UK citizens, using advisory from NHS UK and EU and c) for Indian citizens using advisory from the World Health Organisation and Government of India. We have developed our product as a not for profit initiative with an aim to provide accurate information to the subscribers. We are not charging for our efforts or intellectual property. Instead we are offering this product to the organisations for a minimal fee to cover the cloud and platform costs.

Get your Facts Right!

Here’s what the World Health Organization (WHO) says about COVID-19:

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus (CoV) is a collective family of viruses causing a range of illnesses including the less severe common cold and other severe diseases such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV).

All Coronaviruses are zoonotic. They can jump species and are transmitted from animals to humans. For instance, SARS-CoV has been found to spread to humans from civet cats while MERS-CoV from Arabian camels.

What is COVID-19?

Coronavirus Disease 2019, aka COVID-19 is the newest strain belonging to the Coronavirus family that was discovered in 2019. This is a novel strain that has not been identified in humans earlier. Its source is not yet known.

How does the COVID-19 Infection Spread?

The COVID-19 virus spreads mainly via respiratory droplets. These droplets carrying the virus can be transferred from an infected person’s mouth or nose to a healthy person nearby. Alternatively, the virus can also spread via contact with contaminated surfaces

What are the symptoms of COVID-19 Infection?

Common symptoms of a COVID-19 infection include the following:

· Fever

· Cough

· Tiredness

· Headache

· Shortness of breath

· Difficulty in breathing

Symptoms such as pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and even death are possible in severe cases of the infection.

Is there any Treatment for COVID-19 Infection?

Currently, there’s no known vaccine or treatment available to treat a COVID-19 infection. Supportive care is however available for those who are infected.

How to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 Infection?

Since, there is no cure at present this is the most important part. The spread of COVID-19 infection can be prevented by following the below mentioned recommended hygiene practices:

· Regular washing of hands with soap or liquid hand wash.

· Frequent use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer

· Covering your nose and mouth with your bent elbow while coughing and sneezing

· Using tissues when coughing and sneezing and disposing it of safely

· Avoiding contact with people showing symptoms of the disease

· Maintaining social distancing and a distance of 1 meter (3 feet) from people

· Avoiding large social gathering altogether

· Consuming thoroughly cooked meat and eggs

· Not touching your face, eyes, nose, and mouth

· Staying home if you are unwell

· Self quarantining if you’ve travelled to places hit by the Coronavirus outbreak.

· Self quarantining if you believe you could be infected

Wise men say self-help is the best help. If everyone does their bit in following the aforementioned practices, they can contribute to the safety of others.

Researchers and workers in the field of healthcare and technology are doing their utmost to beat the novel Coronavirus. All you need to do is make sure you stay aware, take a step back and save mankind.

Mukesh Kumar Sinha, CCO & Co-Founder, Gravitas AI



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