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Responsible AI: Is the digital front door safe and ethical to open?

Artificial intelligence or AI is on the see-saw of merits, and demerits. While some people only see its advantages and consider AI a miracle for the modern world, some say it is equally destructible. Though the idea is under the scrutiny of tech giants as well as regular people, there is no one who doesn’t agree with the fact that AI is here for the benefit of the human race! Be it its applications in the industries like logistics, education, and healthcare, or maybe its negative impacts of reducing the working human force in front end as well as back end industries, AI never fails to deliver what it promises. But Responsible AI is the way to go!


“There will be abuses of power that involve AI, just as there will be advances in science, and humanitarian efforts that also involve AI. Unfortunately, there are certain trend lines that are likely to create massive instability.”                                                                                                                                                                                                           ~Danah Boyd 

Principal researcher for Microsoft, and  

President of the data & society research institute

AI, and Ethical issues responsibility! 

No wonder, AI is bringing a catastrophic revolution in everything. From our everyday lives to professional industries where loads of data travel miles every second, AI is doing its part. But, the concern is, is it under ethical norms to amalgamate AI in everything, and practically anything? 


Where’s the problem? 

If someone asks you what is the best thing about AI, your answer will probably be “Automation”. And, that’s what its threat is as well! Advanced automation, making everything happen on its own” is one of the biggest threats of AI. 


Be it managing the logistics chain, predicting customer decisions, and automating processes like parking a car, letting you enter the critical data online, AI’s automation can be critical. Not only this, the way it leads our lives while keeping everything a shareable thing like where we go? Where do we eat? What are we gonna buy?, or what do we think about (sometimes)?AI is no less than a chip in our lives. 

But, what is the solution: Responsible AI

Believe it or not! If the implementation of AI has ethical issues. Responsible AI is the solution as well! 


As AI is a computer program able to achieve unprecedented success, it is also a program that can be coded to handle security, ethical, and safety issues. It is believed that if a well-managed, and end-to-end encrypted program is developed that can check the security, and ethical breaches for other AI programs, the loophole of AI going out of control can be curbed! 


Not only this, but it is also in the mind of research scientists how one can control AI under mentioned ethical guidelines by overlapping another AI-coded program over the existing one. This can burn down all the concerns of AI going out of hand! 

It’s a long road down!

So far, we’ve discussed how AI is the solution to problems or ethical concerns AI! But, when will we have this stability? 


It is often felt that managing AI is a long road down, and is not an overnight drill. As overdoing AI can also raise critical threats, one cannot play around in lieu of managing ethical issues, but raise a security concern instead. We say the road to AI being parallel to all existing ethical issues is long, but it is achievable. Soon, we’ll have programs designed to control other AI programs, and take onus for whatever AI executes, or revolutionizes. 

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