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How TINA helps Dental Patients: Dentistry and Conversational AI

AI; Artificial Intelligence is progressing and slowly making its way into our day-to-day professional lives. It is making every sector advanced and letting humans leverage automation. How can healthcare, a field that needs automation the most, lag in such a scenario? And for the betterment, many AI principles are being implemented in the medical field. But, one of the most friction principles is conversational AI in dentistry.  


Conversational AI or virtual agents that can mimic or chat with humans in the most “human” form are winning this race. One such conversational AI agent is TINA and deployed in medical fields like dentistry.


Dentistry and Conversational AI 

Dental clinics provide support and medical services to patients experiencing tooth problems. But, often comes the case when a doctor goes unavailable or is on their off-hours, and therefore, cannot support patients. And that’s when serving patients the best medical support becomes a challenge for dental clinics. And, these gas are being filled by virtual assistants for dentistry such as TINA! 

TINA: Virtual assistant for Dentistry 

TINA, a tireless AI-enabled chatbot developed by the experts of Gravitas AI, is a machine learning and NLP-driven Chatbot. It can handle simple to complex operations. It can also help automate the day-to-day tasks of the dentist and can shun some extra burden off the dentist’s shoulder. 


Not only this, but TINA can also assist in appointment management and keeping records of vast numbers of patients with ease. It also has sound significant data principles embedded. Though TINA can be a great associate for dentists, it does offer countless benefits for patients. Some of these are- 

  • Every time availability of a Dentist 

Think of the situation when your dentist is on vacation or not available at the clinic. But, your toothache is eating up your night’s sleep. What would you do? 


To fill this gap, TINA is programmed to provide human-like conversations where you can get your queries answered. She is your virtual assistant who emerges as first-hand support with no predetermined hours of operation. Yes, TINA can help you 24*7. 


  • Appointments at ease! 

No matter how big or small your dentist’s clinic is, getting appointments according to your comfort zone is hard luck. But, if your dentist has got TINA on board, this too becomes a butter slide. 


TINA can manage and optimize the appointment scheduling process. So once the appointment scheduling process becomes automated, the hassle for both dentists and patients can be significantly reduced. It also makes consulting your dentist a delightful experience. 

  • First-aid support! 

Medical conditions are subject to get worse quickly. And, for such a risky scenario, it is essential to get the medical practitioner’s support at the right time. Don’t worry; TINA can make sure of this as well! TINA can precisely relay your problem to a trained medical professional if the problem seems to need human attention. This elevates accuracy and mitigates any sort of risk to patients’ health. 

  • Everything just as “Patient” likes! 

What if we tell you that all TINA cares about is patients’ comfort. Yes, and to make it patient-friendly, TINA is programmed to comprehend various languages, not just one! TINA is a multilingual Chatbot able to understand a range of languages. This makes it ideal for dentists all over the globe. 


And not only the language of communication, but TINA also takes care of the mode of communication. So, ask your doubts in voice text or audio, and TINA will be able to assist. 

TINA: the future of Dentistry

Conversational AI agents like TINA are the future of Dentistry. Be it their ability to communicate with patients or comfort and assist dentists at various levels, these virtual agents can help. And that’s what makes them reliable solutions for crippled healthcare. 


A study by Persistent Market research estimated that the market for conversational AI agents in healthcare will grow by a CAGR of 21% by 2030!


If you also want to leverage TINA to automate your daily operations, or help your patients in the best way possible, get in touch with Gravitas AI, creators of TINA; today!


AI Healthcare

Transforming Dental care using Conversational AI


AI or artificial intelligence has always been in the limelight to bring innovations. And healthcare is also in the race! In wake of the recent pandemic, the need for advancement in healthcare is realized. And, therefore, researchers and medical scientists are trying to amalgamate digital transformation and AI-driven progress in healthcare! One such healthcare field is Dentistry and the transformation of Dental Care using Conversational AI is on the road to implementing AI-driven advancement! 

Dentistry and Artificial Intelligence: Transforming Dental Care

With an idea to serve patients with the best possible healthcare, and solutions for dental problems, dental care using conversational AI is becoming the solution, and guess what? It surely is reflecting innovations worth mustering in future dentistry. 

While AI can bring many innovations in dental care like intelligent diagnosis methods and AI-enabled gadgets to keep your teeth healthy, the center of attraction is the implementation of conversational AI in Dentistry! 

Dental Care using Conversational AI

Conversational AI is the principle of AI that enables the communication between a bot, or a machine, with real humans! While both sides can be managed and regulated, Conversational AI can be programmed to be dynamic and run conversations with different intent, context, and problems. It can help patients as well as dentists in a range of ways! Let’s dig in to know more! 

For Dentists 

Think of yourself as a reputed dentist. You have your clinic where you help patients get rid of tooth problems. Now, do you serve your patients 24*7? 

If there’s one thing that troubles dental patients the most, it is toothache at night! And that’s what is the greatest challenge for Dentists like you! But, with conversational AI, you can ensure 24*7 patients support and assistance that can fill the gaps between the patient-dentists communication. Not only 24*7 communication but also multilingual support that enhances a patient’s trust and belief in you. 

Further, conversational AI can also bring automation to your daily tasks like managing patients records, gathering data, optimizing patient records, and whatnot! 

For Patients

Conversational AI in dentistry benefits all, but the most benefited ones are your patients! Your patients come first, and Gravitas AI assures you we put the Dentists at much ease. 

Consulting dentists with conversational AI is of great good for patients as they get extra benefits. These include 24*7 support in their language, prescription reading support, appointment scheduling, and whatnot! It also lets them chat in voice, audio, or even textual mode, which increases comfort for patients, thereby elevating the patient’s satisfaction, and delight! So, next time you go to the dentist, ask if they have got bots on board! 

It’s time to take Dentistry to new heights!

No matter which field of healthcare we consider, advancement is needed. And what else has the pandemic taught us? In the wake of this realization, it’s time we invest sheer effort in taking every field, and also dentistry, to modernization. 

Be it for patients’ comfort or for Dentists to manage numerous patients seamlessly, conversational AI is undoubtedly a win-win game for Dentistry. TINA from Gravitas AI, a tireless AI teammate, can be your best pick! 

TINA can execute human-like conversations, chat in different languages in audio, video, and textual mode with 24*7 availability, gather critical data, and guess what? It is compatible with EMR and HMS integrations. Further, it is also accurate and provides the proper SME knowledge. So, it’s time you dodge all those challenges and get your clinic a conversational AI agent. Schedule a demo with experts today! 


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