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Will Chatbots Replace Humans someday?



Chatbots are probably one of the most leveraged and criticized AI agents. While these are leveraged for various reasons, one also criticizes these for significant reasons. But, this see-saw is not balanced! 


It is believed that keeping in hand the benefits chatbots propose, the criticism or drawbacks can be ignored, and we can settle this debate on “Chatbots are essential!” Though everyone would second the fact that “Chatbots are important!” Some say these can be catastrophic for humans! 


Nevertheless, the drawbacks can be well-handled with technology. Or, we shall ask, do we even need to worry?


What’s the deal with Chatbot? 


Chatbots or conversational AI agents are virtual agents that can mimic human behavior in many ways. These can chat, talk, implement human-like tasks, gather data, and whatnot! And, due to all these benefits, these are being highly used for personal and professional uses. 


Be it our day-to-day virtual agent in our smartphone or a specific virtual assistant that helps us complete a particular task like; solving our query or guiding us through an online process; an average human interacts with chatbots daily. But why wouldn’t it be? 


The advancing technology and trends have made these agents so needy that even imagining a life without them seems daunting. But if these are so important, why do people criticize them? 


One of the most significant reasons for criticizing or judging Chatbots is the concern that “Chatbots will replace humans someday!” and then emerges a fear, shall we, humans, need to be worried? 


Shall we all be worried? Will chatbots replace humans?

This is no surprise how Chatbots are quickly taking over tasks and jobs once imagined to be able to be done only by “Humans.” But, the wheel of technology has changed things! 


Now, right from warehouse management to delivering customer service, anything is automated or will get automated in the future. In such a scenario, the danger to humans of losing their jobs, working under Chatbots, getting replaced, and even taking orders from Chatbots seems real! 


While little can be claimed as if this all would happen or not, the fact that “technology is a problem as well a solution” seems reasonable. Therefore, it is underlined by various tech giants that, no matter how many Chatbots surface or help in human jobs, Chatbots will get managed by humans in the end and will add more jobs by opening the space for new skill requirements.


It’s time to settle conflicts

Technology was and will always be a way of advancement for humans. There is no specific transition phase when we will begin threatening our existence with the same. But we need to settle now! 


To settle this never-ending conflict, the importance of technology and the fact that “Technology is a problem and a solution ” have to be imbibed optimally. No matter how robust and advanced chatbots we develop, the fact that we are the ones who created them would never push our existence at bay. But only time and time will have the answers, and we genuinely believe the response will be positive!


AI Healthcare

Conversational AI(TINA) for Healthcare: Retransforming with the intelligent AI

It was not much before when COVID hit the world and made everyone realize the importance of stable healthcare services. Though the advancements in the field of healthcare were already in process, COVID highlighted the need. And, since then the use of Conversational AI in healthcare has been on the road. 


One such AI principle being extensively leveraged in healthcare is Conversational AI! 


Conversational AI in healthcare

Believe it or not, conversational AI sets new applications in healthcare. Today, the rapid resolutions, service, and finding help online in minutes is the new “but-obvious” achievement. But, the healthcare sector struggles here! And, for that, it is now believed that conversational AI can help resolve the challenges, and retransform how healthcare used to operate! Let’s deal with both aspects in detail! 


Healthcare, and its challenges! 

Healthcare is the sector that operates with continuous risk and scrutiny! A new treatment technique comes up? An advanced diagnostic method? Or even a new online software? Everything in healthcare is seen through a lens of criticism. And, why should it not be? It would directly affect human lives! That’s where transforming healthcare becomes a challenge. 


But, recently, when the times took a 360 degrees turn and made everything available online a necessity, Healthcare also dug up, and found its solution in AI, and machine learning! Though the principles such as Data Science, data handling, and record keeping are also on the road in the healthcare industry, one of the most believed AI-based principles is conversational AI! And, it is believed that it can solve some of the healthcare industry’s challenges! 


Conversational AI; a solution for Healthcare! 

Healthcare is one of the top 5 industries that get leveraged by conversational AI, and that explains how significantly it can transform this sector. But, do you know? 


How effectively, or precisely conversational AI can benefit your business depends on how efficient the solution or Chatbot is! And, that’s what needs the mention of an efficient Chatbot; TINA! 

Meet TINA! 

TINA is an AI-powered chatbot designed by the experts of Gravitas AI! It is designed on the basis of robust principles of machine learning, and NLP makes it an efficient addition to healthcare operations. Here are some of the ways in which TINA can help retransform healthcare- 

  • Bridges the gap in communication

It has been long realized that the most challenging bottleneck of the Healthcare sector is providing patient support outside of Doctors working hours. And, conversational AI solutions like TINA can handle this well! 


TINA Can handle patients’ inquiries 24*7, that too in a patient’s comfort language This happens because of the functionality of TINA to be able to chat in over 20 languages. While eliminating language barriers, TINA also ensures the right patient-doctor communication. It ensures patients get the help even outside of doctor availability hours. 

  • First-hand support: Right time, right help! 

Conversational AI can indeed help, but the end game is Doctors. And that’s where the need of connecting patients to Doctors at the right time becomes a concern. 


TINA can seamlessly connect patients to doctors at the right time. It can do this while becoming a patient’s reliable first-hand support. So, that no patient feels unattended! 

  • Analytics

In today’s time, analytics, and data are the strengths! And, that’s what TINA provides Doctors! 


Once integrated, and enabled, TINA gathers critical data. This helps healthcare facilities, or Doctors to monitor, record, and also identify patients’ pain points. Also, this gives deep dive into critical insights that help one make healthcare services better, and more patient-centric. 

  • Operations Management

As far as operation management is concerned, Healthcare facilities, and even independent doctors struggle! But, with little automation, and optimization this can be solved! 


TINA does the same! It helps you manage everything from a single dashboard. Be it lead management, or handling day-to-day operations of healthcare facilities, it manages everything from end to end. This helps keep things recorded, and well-managed. That too with complete automation, and precision! 

TINA: For your Business’ smart future with Conversational AI in Healthcare

The future of healthcare is Smart! And, it’s time that medical facilities and Doctors also embrace the “smart” technology to serve their patients better. And, TINA seems like a reliable solution! 


With advanced tech, and NLP integrated, TINA can be your one-stop solution. It can be your tireless AI teammate that can handle operations, appointments, and first-hand patient support right with ease. That too, with complete automation, and precision. If you are also from the healthcare industry, meet TINA’s creator today to understand its complete potential. Also, dig more into how integrating TINA can retransform your healthcare services! Schedule a demo with experts now! 

AI Conversational AI

Here’s why chatbots can be a magic wand for your IT business


No business is devoid of challenges and problems. Be it the one dealing in a broad niche like the food industry or the one that deals in challenging, narrow niches like retail and real estate, there are hurdles. But, as problems are omnipresent in this dynamic business era, we can also find solutions under the surface. More often than not, technology is the answer to all such problems! One such technology solution for businesses across is the “Chatbots” for IT Business! 


How can Chatbots be the solution for your business? 


Believe it or not, Chatbots or conversational AI agents can help you get rid of most of your business challenges. Chatbots can bridge the gap between you and your prospective customer, whether it is about customer satisfaction, business running costs, marketing, etc. Chatbots are effective in helping you and your business’s direct customers and mitigating any pain points for your business’s employees or team. Thus we all can agree that chatbots are a tool worth adding.


Here are some of the evidence that pronounces Chatbots as a solution for businesses- 


  • In research by Chatbots Life, it was observed that around 47% of customers buy a product from Chatbots! So, Chatbots can now drive sales and not just be used for assistance.
  • Chatbots can help you save almost 30% of customer service costs.
  • Chatbots Life estimated that by 2023, businesses would save around 2.5 billion hours in customer support and assistance. That reflects how chatbots would speed up the process of resolving customer queries. 
  • According to BI Intelligence, it is said that Chatbots save around $174 billion in industries such as Insurance, the financial sector, sales, and also customer service and support! So, thinking that chatbots are only needed in the B2C industry is dubious! 


And that’s how Chatbots show positive and progressive growth in various sectors and have been tested by many experts and business veterans. But, one of the industries that leverage Chatbots most, and can even expand its benefits to several horizons, is the IT sector! Let’s dig more! 

Chatbots and the IT sector


IT sectors, one of the most dynamic and central to technological changes, are undoubtedly leveraging Chatbots! It is leveraging it in bringing automation and precision. Some of the advantages of Chatbots in the IT sector are- 


Get your Chatbot to “Coding”

Coding has long been known as an entirely human process, but no more! Chatbots could soon be programmed to code and write working and functional computer codes. And that would not only reduce dependency on coders and developers but can also mitigate any false codes and anomalies in codes. 


IT Chatbots can also stabilize the software market as the codes would be more precise and optimum. Further, while one might think Chatbots can replace coders, this is quite distant now. But, chatbots can indeed be seen as first-hand support for developers and programmers.  


Managing Logistics

One of the significant challenges of IT is managing and optimizing logistics. Establishing a balance between transactions, tracking, discovery, routing, etc., is cumbersome and propounds many challenges for the IT sector. But that’s where chatbots lubricate the process! 


One of the most crucial advantages of IT Chatbots is that they can successfully handle leads and support tickets, and last but not least can precisely collect data about logistics. Further, the data collected provides insights worth processing and can surface critical parameters. 


“It is thereby believed that by implementing Chatbots in Logistics, one can bring almost 805 automation to ticket resolution and customer service! 


Data Stores

Cutting-edge technologies such as AI and ML are implemented to develop advanced Chatbots. It makes these conversational agents intelligent and keen on details for businesses to leverage the Chatbots in capturing and processing data! 


No matter what business sector, product, or service you serve, you would appreciate the value of data. And, chatbots being precise agents to capture and process data fills this gap. These can not only converse and serve your customer but can also capture data that can be crucial to making business improvisations and modifications. 


Chatbots: modern era helping hands


If we say, modernization has revolutionized the way business operates and interacts, Chtabors are a perfect example of modern era helping hands. Be it the challenge of maintaining several things at once, or delivering customer service and support to customers with different needs, requirements, and personas, Chatbots leave no loose ends. So, elevate automation, interact with your customers anytime, save costs, and deliver customer satisfaction. And, do all this just by investing in the right Chatbot today! 


Get your customized business Chatbot ready from the experts of Gravitas AI! Contact us today! 


AI Conversational AI

5 Powerful Ways TINA can improve your Business



Conversational AI is the future. In such times, when a customer is so habitual of having a business chatbot to resolve a query, it becomes essential and an obvious need for a business to have its own customized and central to their business Chatbot. That’s where Gravitas AI can help! TINA can improve your business! Let us dig in to know more


Our AI-powered assistant, TINA, can help you take your Business to elevated levels. It can help you improvise various aspects of your Business to keep the budget in the correct ratios. Here are some of the advantages of implementing TINA to improve your Business:


Human-Like Conversation 


TINA is developed with the robust and advanced principles of AI and ML. It has been trained with around 400 million+ rows of data to keep it functioning near humans possible. It can read, listen, and comprehend the customer’s query. Not only this, it is programmed to answer in most related and significant ways to the customer’s query. 


This ensures proper customer engagement and resolution to their queries in the most human-like way. 


Multiple ways of communication


TINA can not only converse with customers over text but also supports voice chat assistance. It opens comfort doors for customers. Further, this can also benefit when a business has customers who speak a different language. As TINA, with the ability to chat in text and voice, is also a master in (number) different languages, it can precisely mitigate any possible challenges of establishing a conversation between Business and customers. TINA effectively conquers the language and the communication barrier with a mass of customers at one go.  


Friendly with different platforms


If you are worried if TINA can work with your Business’s platform, we assure you it can! It has built-in resilience, flexibility, and stability that make it ideal for working with various platforms. It has a feature of cross-compatibility that ensures its efficiency across different platforms. Further, its dynamicity with the proper stability makes it a fine choice for apps, websites, and other platforms. So, no matter what platform you use, TINA can surely take care of Business!


Critical Insights and Analytics


TINA can not only mitigate the communication gap with your Business’s customers but can also help you comprehend them better. It can do so with the aid of collecting critical insights and analytics.  


Once you integrate TINA as your conversational AI partner, it can gather and provide you data on user behaviors, queries, possible resolution time, satisfaction, and other scathing insights that otherwise remain unsurfaced. This makes TINA not only your sales or customer support and service partner but also makes an integral component in expanding Business, optimizing customer satisfaction, and other verticals. 


Scalable and Secure 


To make it a secure and safe AI-driven Chatbot, TINA is equipped with encryption with a range of incoming and outgoing data with the assistance of SSL/TLS. Thus, TINA makes for a super-secure and guarded virtual assistant for your Business. Not only this, but integration with SSL/TLS also makes Tina easily scalable. 


So, no matter how much you grow your Business, TINA will accompany you in stabilizing the Business’s growth and requirements. It is also GDPR tested and can be leveraged for private server services and SSO or single sign-on! 


Give your Business a boost with TINA! 


It’s time you also get business benefits from TINA. Optimize your customer support, service, and acquisition. Serve your customers’ queries in no time without compromising the quality or value. 


Want to implement TINA who can improve your business? Get help from Gravitas’s experts, the creators of TINA now. Contact us now! 



Why does your business need a chatbot for Online service?

The modern world of business has transformed. It is more than just managing a physical store or a few resources. Due to increasing digitization, Businesses must have an online presence and precise optimization. And this requires managing customer experience, queries, business operations, and everything online. That’s where helping agents such as automatic AI-driven Chatbots come into play. 


According to Drift’s 2020 State of Conversational Marketing report, AI-powered Chatbots are one of the fastest-growing brand-communication channels, increasing by a whopping 92% since 2019. It can be well understood with such a wide range of benefits that virtual assistants offer. But, if you are still bewildered if your business needs a Chatbot for your business or not, we are here to clear the air. Here are the top reasons why your business needs a Chatbot- 


Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost 

Whether you are a product-based or a service-based business, one of the major concerns is customer acquisition at reasonable costs. While other methods like marketing spend, seminars, etc., can be too costly to acquire customers, Chatbots significantly lower this cost. 


Chatbots can optimize CAC ( Customer Acquisition Cost) as these can establish engaging and instant conversations with customers. According to Comm100 Report, Chatbots take care of around 68.9% of business chats from start to finish. Because of it, customers feel entertained, and they tend to spend more time on your business’s website and thereby fueling the conversion of prospect leads into customers.


Give your business a touch of Automation.

 In today’s world, where customers tend to find solutions for everything with just a touch of their screens, bringing the required Automation into business is paramount. And that’s where Chatbot can save you. 


These bring Automation to your business by automating customer support that too 24*7. It also helps to automate the customer support and the customer query resolution process. Not only this but the number one use case of Chatbots is also considered to be a quick and automated answer to customers’ queries. It effectively bridges the gap between customer and business service, thereby helping in gaining more loyal customers. 


Personalization to Customers 

One of the robust pillars of customer satisfaction is customer experience. And it is well-versed in how personalization can elevate the customer experience. When chatbots engage and converse with customers in their choice of language and timings and resolve queries in real-time, customers experience personalization.


Furthermore, according to Comm100 Report, it is found that bot-based chats acquire satisfaction rates of around 87.58%. And that’s what makes Chatbots one of the best tools for businesses.  


Streamline Sales Funnel

Operating with a human workforce, you would once realize how mismanaged or delayed your sales funnel can be. For instance, some of the sales funnel leads might get lost due to your employee’s fluctuating productivity levels, leave schedules, and other reasons. 


But, if Chatbots are there to assist, you can lower the number of lost leads and optimize your sales funnel. The data from Drift’s 2020  State of Conversational Marketing report suggests that 55% of Chatbots businesses acquire more high-quality leads.

Chatbots can handle customers’ queries on time and make the customer journey through the sales funnel a seamless process and experience. 


Gain Critical Customer Data

Chatbots are not only chatting bots but are also embedded with algorithms to capture, monitor, and manage customer data statistics. As bots converse with many customers online, the specialized algorithms capture, monitor, and interpret data that can help establish new business processes and strategies. One can better picture CAC, business success rate, customer journey, and whatnot! 


Also, this helps surface insights into customer satisfaction, business service status, and market situation. 


Chatbots: All that you and your business needs! 


“Chatbots represent a new trend in how people access information, make decisions and communicate!” 

                                                                                                                                             ~Christie Pitts

                                                                                                                                              Verizon Ventures


Chatbots are the new tools of modern businesses. These can help businesses of any niche gain customers, lower customer acquisition costs and basic business operation costs, acquire critical data, and whatnot! chatbots can save businesses up to 30% on customer support costs. (Source: IBM)


That’s where getting a Chatbot can boost your business sales, streamline your sales funnel, and help you build a brand. So, get your business Chatbot delivered by experts from today! One such Chatbot is TINA from Gravitas AI. It can help you optimize your business process from start to finish. 



Chatbots are revolutionizing the banking sector

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence software, which can perform a conversation with a customer, in a natural language just like another person through applications, websites, Android apps, messaging or even through a mobile phone. The human speech is converted into a short text by a bot using its computer ability, and it is given to a chat robot. It is just a computer program that can simulate human conversations. Numerous applications utilize chatbots to enhance the performance of the system. Various areas where chatbots are used are banking sector, E-commerce websites, food sites, weather forecasting, personal finance assistance, etc.

Chatbots in the banking industry

The banking industry is one of the earliest adopters of chatbots in its operations. A study from Juniper Research predicts that the success rate of chatbot interactions in the banking industry will reach 90% by 2022. These bots are sophisticated computer programs specially designed to interact with customers similarly as humans, to improve the performance of the system, by saving a lot of human effort and time.

Chatbots are equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning and have come a long way since ELIZA, which was the first chatbot in 1966. Now, chatbots have become a crucial part of the banking industry, by helping banks optimize their services. These ‘artificial humans’ are revolutionizing the banking sector, in the best way ever discovered.

Intensifying the satisfaction of customers

Chatbots are helping banks to intensify and enhance customer satisfaction. They provide answers to the customers’ queries about their bank-related activities within seconds. Now, most of the customers want instant replies to their queries and their queries are put in a queue in case of a greater number of calls by an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system. Customers, pressed for time, may find this undesirable. In these kinds of situations, chatbots play a crucial role, by providing solutions to the customers in real-time.

Chatbots can easily answer the common queries related to account balance, balance transfer, utility payments, ATM locator, etc., within a very little amount of time, which customers will probably expect. With predictive analytics, the chatbots pick up the customer’s calls and answers automatically, without any human intervention. This feature of chatbots will reduce human effort and makes life easier in any sector where chatbots are implemented.

Also, some banks have developed the chatbots which can help the customers in blocking their debit cards instantly when someone has stolen their card or they lost it. They will ask the customers about the information about their card. Then chatbot can validate the details and sends an OTP to the registered phone number, to block one’s card. Once fed, the card gets blocked within no time. Chatbots provide continuous and uninterrupted 24×7 services, which creates a meaningful relationship between customers and chatbots.

Chatbots help in suggesting solutions and products

Chatbots are becoming more action-oriented because of sophistication. Apart from answering common queries of customers, which are related to banking operations, now they went a step further and suggesting customized solutions and products to the customers. For example, if a customer is asking queries about home loan or loan against any property, then chatbot will list out all such products which are offered by the bank.

Moreover, they also help the customers to calculate their loan eligibility and the loan amount based on the inputs given by the customers. This kind of implementation in the banking sector will go a long way in enhancing the revenues for banks in the long run.

The improved focus of banks on areas which need human intervention

As the chatbots are capable of dealing with the common queries of the customers related to bank operations, bank representatives can comfortably focus on the areas which need human intervention. For example, helping customers to know the nuances of their offerings and how it can affect their overall financial health. Bank representatives can deal with these kinds of human interventions with chatbots helping them with all the common services, which can replace humans with bots.

Though they have been a disruptor for the industry, it is not possible to replace humans with the chatbots completely. As most of the customers after having general knowledge about the products would naturally want face-to-face interaction with the concerned representatives to know the finer aspects about the product, which a chatbot cannot provide to the customers. So, chatbots are helpful only up to a certain extent, but not beyond its limits.

For an instance, if it’s a loan after knowing the basic information about the eligibility and the amount of the loan, any customer would generally prefer a direct discussion with bank authorities related to the flexibility of rate of interest, tenure, processing and prepayment charges among others, which cannot be done by using the chatbots. Since chatbots cannot behave as a human 100%, they do have such limitations in any sectors. But they can perform all the basic conversation most effectively. So, good service of chatbots can be utilized up to the extent of their capabilities. Beyond these basic services, we need a real bank representative to perform face-to-face conversations related to next level details about any service or product.

Chatbots saving banks at hard times

Chatbots are capable of handling multiple queries at the same time. In a single month, the bots that are deployed by the bank can process millions of queries simultaneously without any interruptions. It would be very expensive and time-consuming to appoint some agents to handle such common queries. So, bots are helping banks to save up-front costs and the Juniper Research study suggests that banks could save over USD 8 billion by 2022, with the help of chatbots.

Hence, bots are capable to save a large number of expenses of a bank and also, they can save a lot of time, which can be utilized for further bank operations. This would enhance the performance of a bank system. Banks are deploying the chatbots on their websites and messengers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram whereby their customers can type their queries and find the solutions to their queries.


Chatbots’ capacity of processing multiple queries simultaneously make the banks to highly depend on them. This would reduce the time taken by humans for such operations.


Sumit Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO, Gravitas AI

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