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Restaurant Assistant

Hassle Free Dining !!

Delight your customers with seamless dining experience. Let them pre- book table, food and sort out payments for you.

To reduce lead time and enhance customer satisfaction !!


Book a table

Customer lead time is important in restaurant business. It’s equally important not to keep customers waiting for a table. Seamless user experience is key to a repeat customer

Restaurant assistant can help customer book tables based on their choice of date, time, party size and availability of tables

Order Food

There is a lead time of 15 minutes or more between ordering food and delivery of food on table. Reduction of this lead time will reduce cycle time and increase frequency of availability of tables

TINA can take menu based orders from customers online and also take payments from them. So when the customer arrives they are greeted with a booked table and food in minutes

Feedback & Queries

Engaging your customers is key to ensure repeat business. Feedback push messages can be sent to them and queries can be responded to ensure seamless engagement

All information can be stored centrally to ensure ease of access of queries and feedback to the restaurant and do customer profiling

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