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Information Simplified !!

Let your customers discuss your product catalouge through intelligent AI enabled conversations. Help them find what they want

To enable easy, informed decision making and generate trust !!


Product Information

Searching through a lot of product is a tiring job. Providing information easily about the right product to the right cusotmer is key for sales

An AI bot can help customers with quick infro about the product they are looking for in aconversational way so that they feel close to the brand while completing the purchase

Order a Product

Finding information at one place and then trying to identify a channel to purchase can be a disengaging experience

TINA can help customers purchase the product and make payments. post successful payments she will send confirmation to both buyer and the seller

Book an Appointment

Customer sometimes want to understand more about the product. A lot of conversations are lost due to busy phone lines or unavailability of sales representatives.

TINA can help leads book appointments with sales representatives according to customers convenience and availability of representatives resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and engagement

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