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Ophthalmology Assistant

Your 24/7 AI Powered Hospital Assistant !!

Communicate with your patients 24/7 in multiple languages to increase appointments
and manage pre & post operation care.

To delight your patients and ensure repeat visits !!


24/7 Patient Engagement


Sometimes it gets difficult for patients to contact the hospital due to busy phone lines
,too much traffic or missed phone calls. Also they can’t communicate with receptionist
after hospital hours

Engage your patients seamlessly through unparalleled AI powered Intelligence of TINA
as she can respond to multiple patients at same time and manage bookings.

Pre & Post Operation Support

Patients need continuous care throughout their engagement with the hospital whether its pre or post consultation.

With TINA, you can be rest assured about patient journey management and focus on key aspects of your practice management. As she will be in touch with patients through
and send notifications as required

Multilingual Omni-Channel AI Assistance

Your patients may want to contact you on emails, phones, WhatsApp or on Facebook
and experience delay in responses leading to loss of lead. Some may try to
communicate in regional languages.

TINA can communicate with patients on all these channels
and can converse in 80+ global languages and 15+ regional languages. Moreover she is powered with specialist Ophthalmology knowledge

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