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Meeting Management

Book Meetings in Seconds !!

Your digital team-mate can schedule appointments for your business. She can also send reminders to your customers to complete specific actions. Below are some of the  examples of her appointment scheduling capabilities.


Book meetings in seconds

Booking meetings with multiple senior stakeholders can be a tiring job. Trying to find a slot in everyone’s dairy and then trying to find an available room is usuaally 1–15 minutes job

Tina can help schedule such meetings in seconds. She just requires name of participants, date and time and ca give you options to choose from

Update meetings

Requirements and participation of meetings sometimes need to be changed. Updating a meeting can sometime lead to re-arrangements due to time clashes

Managing updates through AI will help sort out these issues in seconds and will send updates to everyone

Re-schedule meetings

Date and time of meetings sometimes need to be changed. Re-arranfing a meeting invites the same pain as arranging a meeting.

It may mean looking again in everyone’s diary and availability of room. Tina can solve this problem in a flip of second and re-schedule the meeitng

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