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Your 1st Line Tech Support !!

IT support teams spend about 70% of their time in dealing with simple and repetitive queries. Your addresses a wide range IT support queries and tasks. By doing this, she empowers IT service desk agents to focus on more complex tasks therefore saving time, and cost, and improving team’s efficiency. Your focusses on management aspects of the following topics : passwords, incident/ outages, IT tickets, FAQs


Reset password

Forgetting a password is common issue among employess when they return from a break, which in turn leads to a long followup with IT team to explain the issue and get it sorted

TINA can help reset passwords then and their using a secure authentication protocol and save the loss of productive time

Raise a ticket

IT teams get bombarded with issue over emails in some organisations, which is somemtimes because of resistence to culture shift to use a ticketing system

An AI powered bot can take all information from users and rasie tickets on behalf of them using zendesk or similar tools

IT support Queries

Employess ususally have multiple queries regaridng IT systems and their specific requirements. These queries may be very simple to complex in nature

TINA can answer all their queries with consistent, specific and accurate information 24/7 and save quality time of IT teams and pass complex queries to IT team

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