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HR Support

Your 24/7 HR !!

Your digital team-mate can schedule appointments for your business. She can also send reminders to your customers to complete specific actions. Below are some of the  examples of her appointment scheduling capabilities.


Policy Information

Employees usually have multiple queries regarding policies and sometimes repeat their queries as well.

TINA can answer all their queries with consistent, specific and accurate information 24/7 and save quality time fo HR team

Raise a ticket

HR teams get bombarded with issue over emails in some organisations, which is sometimes because of resistance to culture shift to use a ticketing system

An AI powered bot can take all information from users and raise tickets on behalf of them using bamboo HR or similar tools

On-Boarding & Training

On-Boarding & Training is a resource intensive process, while human access is  necessary in this, majority of tasks can be automated through AI to save time for HR team

TINA can help on-board an employee and facilitate training sessions for them

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