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Conferences Assistant

Seamless Conference Experience !!

Manage your audiance before and during the conference through 24/7 seamless information provision and booking facility

To increase participation and enhance value generation !!


Pre-Conference Info

Managing conferences is a tasking job with so much to manage and communicate. Leads get lost due to high traffic , missed calls ,waiting time.

The conference assistant provisions all pre-conference information about speakers, sessions, date, venue, maps and locations

Buy Conference Ticket

Lots of people do not buy conference tickets due to less information, busy lines of information providers and lack of clarity on plans, passes

TINA can help facilitate booking of tickets and take payments. All confirmed bookings are captured in a central dashboard and conformation shared with people who book

Your Conference Guide

Planning your conference is essential to derive the most value out of it. Easy information to help the same enhances participant satisfaction and repeat business

Information about sessions, speakers, agenda of the day, topics and session related collateral can be provisioned through a chatbot for providing a great conference experience

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