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Compliance Management

Your legal guide !!

Your digital team-mate can schedule appointments for your business. She can also send reminders to your customers to complete specific actions. Below are some of the  examples of her appointment scheduling capabilities.


Compliance Information

Searching through rule books or digital documents to understand what’s relevant can be a tedious job

An AI assistant can understnad your questions and fecth the relvant infrormation for you

Ease of Access

Data procesing as per the need of customers is vital in the light of regulations like GDPR. Failure to comply attracts hefty fines

Tina can take customer requests for updating and deleitng data and pass it relevant stakeholder or can perform the action herself

Data processing

Employess usually have to go through a lot of docuemnts to find the right and relavent information

An AI chatbot can easily search through different documents and find relevant information

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