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Appointment Management

Ask TINA to schedule appointment for your business and collate the information at one place for you.


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A lot of conversations are lost due to busy phone lines or unavailability of sales representatives.Chances of getting a repeat calls from such prospects gets reduced after 1 or 2 calls

TINA can help leads book appointments with sales represntatives according to buyers conveneicne and availability of representatives resulting in enahnced customer satisfaction and engagement

Leads Dashboard

Leads data of prospective buyers can be captured in a central dashboard through all AI based channels this giving a single view of data for sales teams to follow up

It will help reduce a lot of effort spent by sales team to capture, analyse and follow up with prospects

Customer Queries

Customer queries if answered quickly enhamces trust and engagement with the business. Buyers like to interact more with such businesses

Tina can answer queries of customers and also capture questions which cna be answered at a late stage by customer service representatives

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