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Admissions Assistant

Manage Admissions Efficiently!!

Engage your students with all information they need and reduce the effort for your admissions team

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Course and College Information

Audit: Admission process requires a lot of effort from admissions team to provide information. Engaging and responding to queries at such a scale is tedious job. Also, calls are lost due to wait time.

The admission assistant facilitates specific, accurate and consistent information provision 24/7.

Admission Forms & Payments

Students can fill up admissions form through the bot itself and make payments. Details of all payments will be captured centrally for easy audit

Getting the desired action completed during the same session will increase the rate of application completion and reduce the number of queries which the admission team receives

Leads Dashboard & On-boarding

AuthorisationLeads data of prospective students can be captured in a central dashbaord through all AI based channels.Management of admission and on-boarding of qualified students is also time consuming.

It will help reduce a lot of effort spent by admissions team to capture, analysze follow up with prospects and manage on-boarding.

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