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Is Artificial Intelligence an implication for the future of the human race?

Artificial Intelligence; an intelligence superior to human intelligence is unfolding new dimensions to us. It is shaping the education world, health facilities, armed forces, and whatnot! It is gradually advancing its roots into day-to-day lives as well. It is manifesting ease and automation for us. AI is making our lives a bit advanced by making incredible and infeasible things possible. From Google Assistants to Auto-drive cars, from measuring health vitals through an app to making medical scans in a click, It is ornamenting the human race.

But does there exist a demon side of artificial intelligence? If yes, Are we safe from it “yet”?

“Can be” Dangerous!

As of now, AI is helping us in establishing and propagating techniques for our ease and comfort. We have been implementing it in the medical field, auto-industry, software development, and whatnot! But, it all happened because we decided to make it happen! There are numerous threats of AI as there are favors.

AI can be dangerous as well as it can be a blessing. It can run various and various detrimental programs and can compromise the safety of everyone working on the web. It can create hazardous hacking devices pushing us all towards the edge of the cliff. Not only this, the autonomous weapons leveraging AI are designed to kill. But do we guarantee its righteous usage? If yes, then, till when?

Stephen Hawking once said, “AI could be impossible to control.”

AI in the wrong hands can push industries, countries, and the human race to existential crises. The ability to develop weapons with menacing operationality can lead to uncontrolled casualties. All these can bring conditions hard to control.

Can Diverse from the intended goal

AI is dynamic. So far, We have developed programmed AI explicitly for a specific goal. But, who is responsible for its diversion?

For example, say you program an efficient AI for an auto-drive car to take you to your nearest train halt station. You sit in a car with auto-pilot mode and boom, your car with AI-driven controls drive you to your destination. Now, rewind a minute and think of a situation. What if the car takes you while hitting some roadside passengers and what if it takes the longest route and makes you late for your train?

It did make you reach your destination though! 

Even though if we program AI for a specific goal, a small hindrance or glitch in the processing can diversify it from its goal and be afraid, the consequences could be lethal.

Can “Replace” humans

AI is strengthening its branches in every field. From classrooms to 500-seated conference rooms, it can replace humans that too with optimum productivity. Even in the manufacturing or industrial division, it is believed to implement the tasks proportional to the ability of 3-4 humans. Should we be thankful for it?

Of course, we should. But what if it takes over the manual interference at all? The recession in the occupational market would be worrisome. AI is adapted to ease the manual process and to achieve the advanced goals but mitigating jobs and occupational stability for humans was never a thought behind its adaptation.

AI has threats. Shall we stop its usage “right now”?

Think of capturing a blurry and poor image, failure in parking a car without difficulty, inability to diagnose diseases way before the advancement, and imagine an educational world without all those AI’s amenities. It’s tough and impossible.

We cannot undo the tech advancements and their absorption in our lives. We are here today because of our improvisation in machine learning and Artificial intelligence. Its abandonment would lead us nowhere and would drag us years behind.

To make sure, AI’s demons don’t catch us in all darkness, we must regulate its usage to an optimum level that too with complete checkpoints and management.

The tech giant, Elon Musk also said once; “AI needs to be regulated and carefully used. “ 

Leveraging the resources available is what makes humans smart. But, using it for their destruction is neither favorable nor advised. But, who curbed the implementation of Nuclear fission principles into the development of atom bombs? No one and the world witnessed the catastrophic consequences.

Thanks to time, We are still progressing in AI. We can make or break our existence with us. Humans need to keep a check on its usage, regulate its implementation and maintenance. The everyday development and launching of hardware products with AI need to be checked for several concern points without making them available for the public or say for practical use.

The power of hefty programs of AI making impractical and imaginable things possible lies in its complete control. It should be end-to-end protected and managed. An efficient AI program in the wrong hands can bring catastrophic damages.

We can save ourselves just by “regulating” and “managing” the use of artificial Intelligence.

Aarsh, Co-Founder & COO, Gravitas AI


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