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Initiatives Taken by the UK Government to Boost AI Strategies

There is one race that the United Kingdom is determined to win. The race is to reach the crescendo of proliferation by bringing about a paradigm shift in its technical cognisance.

The new United Kingdom is nascent in its scientific mindsets and progressive beliefs. Recently, its preoccupation seems to be manifested entirely in Artificial Intelligence, which is the present precursor of transformations and tech revolutions in modern society.

Over the past few years, owing to a constant push from the government, Artificial Intelligence has emerged as a flourishing sector in the United Kingdom. In the following excerpt, let’s shed a light on some initiatives taken by the UK Govt. to boost AI. Take a look:

The Optimistic Future of AI Strategies in the UK

The UK Govt. is aware of the fact that without a strong grip over technology, it would be challenging for the United Kingdom to steer an impressive path forward.

However, Mr. Grey Clark, the Minister in Charge of the AI strategies of UK Govt. and the respected Secretary of the State for Business, Industrial and Energy strategy in the United Kingdom seems to be resolutely upbeat.

The UK has been aiming to lead from the front and help the top-tech companies thrive exponentially by exploring the unbound potential of AI.

According to Mr. Clark, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have already transformed human lives, for all the good reasons, albeit. AI along with the intelligent assistants is preparing people for the upcoming changes in climate, protecting their wealth and providing them with proper medical guidance.

Harnessing the hitherto unexplored aspects of technology is certainly not a cakewalk. But, the UK Government is optimistic in its approach. It is leaving no stone unturned to triumph over all the impending challenges.

The UK Is Splurging Millions to Bolster Their AI Strategies

In the month of April, the minister came up with the policy papers of AI Sector Deal in response to a survey issued over the AI sectors of the United Kingdom. Mr. Clark took guidance from Professor Mr. Wendy Hall and Jerome Pesenti for preparing these policy papers.

As per their anticipations, that day is not far when the United Kingdom will reign supreme in the global sectors of Artificial Intelligence. The competition is thriving and many countries are increasingly contributing to significant resources worldwide. But the good news is that the United Kingdom is not lagging behind in this race.

At present, the UK Govt. is required to act on different key areas of Artificial Intelligence to stay ahead of the game. Also, it needs to work on different industries for upgrading its status and improving its AI capabilities for attaining wider goals.

The AI sectors of the UK have started putting most of the suggestions of Mr. Pesenti and Professor Hall into action. For example, the UK Govt. has splurged around £1 billion for boosting its AI sectors.

A whopping £603 million has been spent for contributing to the academic sectors and £250 million has been splurged for improving the autonomous vehicles. It is also looking to make a huge investment in improving mathematical, technical and digital studies for addressing the UK’s plummeting STEM skills.

Recently while launching the AI strategies, Mr. Clark has mentioned that he wants the United Kingdom to be a place where more people would come to obtain AI-related assistance. According to Clark, it’s high time that the United Kingdom bolstered its AI strategies because otherwise its competitor countries will end up stealing a march.

The AI minister of UK has pushed a post-Brexit partnership between the European Union as well as the United Kingdom for relaxing the immigration rules. A large number of tech-organisations have come into being in the capital and these are offering plenty of job offers to the deserving immigrants.

AI for a Flourishing Economy

As per Mr. Clark, producing an economy which can harness big data and Artificial Intelligence could be a major game-changer for this era. He believes that AI is extremely fundamental to the industrial strategies applied by the UK Govt.

Besides financial support of nearly £1 billion for this field, the UK Govt. has also issued an Artificial Intelligence Grand Challenge for ensuring a mammoth progress in technology.

There is no doubt in the fact that the benefits of AI are manifold. Artificial Intelligence can bring a dramatic influence on the economy of the United Kingdom. However, in order to understand the financial and social impacts of AI, the UK Govt. has to establish a strong partnership between academia, government, and business in the first place.

The United Kingdom has witnessed QuantumBlack, a world-famous British tech organisation is utilising AI and machine learning to abet clients in the corporate, third sectors and government to boost their performance. The business sectors of the United Kingdom have also begun to conduct AI-related research to bolster productivity across the UK economy.

In a Nutshell…

In order to ensure an unprecedented growth in Artificial Intelligence, the UK Government is taking all possible steps and measures to be more focused on their current research. The idea is to tap into the convergence of different technologies and implement the confluence on different areas for being able to compete on an international level.

Mr. Clark firmly believes that the United Kingdom is presently at the cusp of a progressive time in its technical growth. To reap the optimum benefits of Artificial Intelligence, the UK Govt. is relentlessly fine-tuning its AI strategies. In the near future, we expect to witness massive positive changes in all fields where AI can penetrate and do its magic.

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