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How can Artificial Intelligence help us write better?

Artificial Intelligence is surprising. The new advancements humans have achieved through its implementation in the last decade have been astonishing. It has revamped the education sector, healthcare systems, IoT, armed forces, the research sector and whatnot! 

And it’s not stopping here. It is slowly evading every aspect of our lives. The tasks earlier thought of only for humans, have also been taken over by AI or are believed to be taken over by it in the coming decade. One of these tasks is Writing. 

Can AI assist in Writing?

Believe it or not, AI can write. 

Writing has long been thought of as a human exercise. The insightful research, tone monetization and writing what customers can connect with is always mapped with human’s ability. But, now is the time for a revolution. 

Recently, AI has been experimenting with writing. With the aid of an optimization algorithm that can sense the purpose and quality of content needed, it can efficiently write for humans. Or at least can assist. 

The virtual assistant who can help humans write a marketing copy, blog or article has been long in running. For example, Grammarly AI-enabled tool. But, the AI assistant who can write content from scratch is something new and is being highly explored. 

Write with AI

We all now know AI can do whatever we can think of making it do! But, there always is a reason. For example, Why would humans need AI to write when they can build better copies? Or do we need to sabotage this “let humans write for humans” theory? 

  • Rapid writing

No matter how much experience a writer has, he/she needs attests an hour to write. A bit of research, tone monetization, proofreading and whatnot. But AI, on the other hand, can provide write-ups rapidly. 

It is believed that an optimum AI algorithm can be programmed to write thrice as fast as humans. This can decrease long waiting hours, late delivery of write-ups etc.  

  • Smart Proofreading

AI is “Intelligent”. It can sense the mood, vocabulary, tone and motive of write-ups. This Can drastically elevate the quality of write-ups. Additionally, efficient and thorough proofreading can make sure the final write up is error-proof and free of any anomalies. 

If we borrow AI for proofreading, we can get the better-designed content, optimally arranged tone and also completely “fit for the market” content. 

  • Tone analyzer 

Sometimes, even a well-experienced writer misses catching the context, tone and mood of the content. In such situations, getting leads and achieving the desired outcome of content becomes difficult. 

But, no worries. AI can save the drowning contents. It can effectively analyze the desired tone and can modulate and edit content accordingly. And if not during writing contents, it can edit the one during proofreading. 

  • Predictive Writing

AI is not a single technology and has multiple dimensions. Think of an assistant who can work on previous data, predict, and comprehend to modulate the future writing pieces? It would bring revolutionary change! 

With the correct implementation of AI’s predictive analysis, data science and AI in writing, one can get better copies depending on previous data’s analysis.  

  • Better writing copies

AI write copies are overall better and well managed. The way AI can design the initiation, body and ending of the content can win over human written content effectively. It can ensure better leads, elevated reach and even more engagement. 

IBM Watson Tone Analyzer: a perfect example of writing through AI

Yes, Writing through AI has been successfully implemented. One such example is IBM’s tone analyzer. 

Developed by India’s IBM, Watson Tone Analyzer can sense and comprehend emotions and communication for the text. It successfully leverages linguistic analysis to write and design efficient content pieces according to language, tone and mode. 

Not only in writing, but it can also integrate with chatbots for better cu=ommunictaion among clients and customers. This can succeed in the social, communal and market appearance of content. 

Write your next piece of writing with AI 

Artificial intelligence can drive writing. It can assist in generating better, engaging and intuitive content copies. The technology has been well leveraged to generate algorithms, devices and tools that can assist or help building content. 

This extended application can benefit the journalism sector, writing domain, media industry, advertising niche and whatnot! But, the use of AI in writing is not yet ubiquitous and is under exploration and implementation. 

But the way AI is emerging, the future surely holds bots working on writing copies and humans getting satisfied with it!



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