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How AI is impacting the future of medical surgeries?

How AI is impacting the future of medical surgeries?

If anything that needs human attention is the medical sector and the struggling healthcare system. To serve patients with affordable, painless and more reliable treatment methods, medical practitioners thrive to adopt new technologies and advancements. In addition, the new lifestyle triggered diseases and acute conditions of patients require rapid adaptation of new treatment methods. The medical sector needs continuous improvisations to leverage the rapidly evolving technology ecosystem.

For such, AI has supported the medical sector and specifically surgeries and has revamped the way surgeries were operated. The technology of AI has brought some never experienced and thought of treatment and surgeries ways and been a stable alternative by far!

AI-powered surgeries

AI-powered surgeries are rapid, more precise, leave less room for mistakes and are slowly being adopted. Generally, AI-enabled surgeries can happen with the aid of automatic robots, a combination of hardware and software, predictive analysis and other application-based methods. 

In robot-based surgeries, a carefully designed and programmed robot is used to operate on patients. The robot is imbibed with a set of algorithms to carry out all minute to major tasks throughout the surgery. Whereas in hardware and software combination types of AI-powered surgeries, the software imbibed with specific algorithms is associated and linked to hardware devices (used in surgery) to make sure the present medical practitioner gates assistance in measuring vitals, body response, anaesthesia criticals and whatnot. 

These ways of surgeries are slowly becoming common but the associated risks and scrutiny resist its growth.

Are AI-powered surgeries the future?

It would be appropriate to say that yes, AI-powered surgeries are the future but on some conditions. As the process of executing AI-powered surgeries is as of now, less advanced and less- reliable, the presence of medical practitioners in operating theatres to handle all the apparatus, AI-enabled robots etc. make it practical. 

But, think of a situation when you are being operated by AI robots solely? 

Would you feel that it would be a reliable method to get operated on? 

As of now and according to recent advancements, this doesn’t sound reliable and trustworthy. Hence, in today’s time, medical practitioners lead the surgery by the “assistance” of AI not through AI “solely”. But, as time progresses we definitely can bet on AI getting stronger and more reliable in the medical sector.


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