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How AI can transform the Education World

The education world is ever-changing and transforming. The new day education world is dynamic and is facilitated firmly by Digitalization. Digitalization and its coherent comfort have emerged a regular need of transferring classrooms to computer screens. In such a scenario, delivering education through a hybrid model (an amalgamation of real and virtual classrooms) seems methodical. This adaptation is surely transforming and revolutionizing the operationality of the education world.

However, the hybrid model of education propounds some bottlenecks such as How will students get one-on-one interaction with tutors? How would the grading systems work for students participating in the curriculum through virtual attendance? Will modern classrooms ensure dedicated support and assistance to students? How would a tutor come to know the glitches or difficulties faced by students?

Thanks to technology, the hybrid model with some modifications and advancements of Artificial intelligence algorithms can now overcome these hurdles and can assist in establishing a structured and quality education ecosystem.

AI can aid the creation of stabilized virtual educational platforms

To support and serve students through a hybrid model of education, one needs a stable and efficient virtual platform. The ideal platform not only delivers knowledge to students but also provides flexible tutor support, interaction with fellow students, insights into real textual material, and whatnot! All these cannot be made possible merely by software development. One needs to imbibe the platform with critical factors such as interactive UI, UX, location, and language-specific content, etc.

Fortunately, Artificial Intelligence can aid the whole process and can assist in providing stability to virtual platforms. This can also aid in building a platform where students can interact with fellow students and can gain benefits of group studies by conquering location, and time constraints.

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots ensuring optimum support for students

The immediate blessing of the hybrid education model is its ease of providing education to students residing far or overseas. In such a case, how would students get regular tutor support becomes a concern.

The chatbots or artificial intelligence’s incorporation into the virtual educational platform can make sure tutor support stays regular. Chatbots can be developed in such a way to communicate with students in their comfort language thereby also overcoming the language constraint. Chatbots can also be developed with some frequently asked questions to eliminate waiting periods for doubts clearance. To further ease the process, Chatbots also allow the integration of various tutor accounts so that student’s perplexion gets tackled at an instance. AI has no doubt advanced tutor support in a hybrid world of education.

Data strengthening the roots of the education world

Just like in the manual real education world, maintaining the performance progress of students in assessments and regular examinations assists tutors in gathering an insightful view into students’ performance, in modern classrooms, data plays a critical role.

The incorporation of specific artificial intelligence algorithms in virtual educational platforms can successfully gather data around critical parameters. The parameters such as where students feel difficulties, comparative analysis of student’s performance in various tests of the platform, weak areas of students, etc. can help tutors in countless ways.

The gathered data can then be analyzed and evaluated for improving the quality of education. This also facilitates improving teacher-student relationships. When teachers get the insight data into student’s weaknesses and strengths, they improvise and modify the curriculum for students.

Not only this, but specific algorithms also allow the customization of programs depending on students’ performance. The tests, lessons delivered all can be easily customized for individual attention to students.

Unlocks new dimensions of delivering education

Delivering education with the aid of textual books is long gone. Nowadays, images, infographics, and videos are the most adapted and like models. Students interacting with new models of education also feel comprehended and grasp improved clarity on concepts. The advanced AI principles can hold all this at a stable platform and can aid in the execution of such modern study model types. The 3D videos, animation graphic videos have recently gained the limelight in the education world.

Individualized learning plans

With the incorporation of AI, the virtual platform can be designed in such a way as to provide a personalized and customized experience to students. The design or UI of the platform, type of study materials, practice tests all can be customized for an individual. Customization elevates student’s interest and performance.

As the platform is once designed with a basic framework, the amalgamation of artificial intelligence’s algorithm can ensure customization is easily and efficiently delivered to the mass of students. This has been greatly imbibed by almost all virtual educational platforms nowadays.

AI promises a secure future for education world

As of now, AI has unfolded new dimensions for the education world. And it is not stopping!

Artificial Intelligence has some iridescent endeavors for the future of education. The way education has always been delivered, and the way courses or curriculum are designed, everything will soon face a modernization in near time.

Its advent would fill the gaps in the education world and would also elevate the adaptation of 3D model concepts and whatnot. It surely is ready to reshape the future education world. Not only this, but it also is emerging new dimensions to tutors and their way of delivering education to the mass of students without compromising the level of attention to individual students. This coherent way of delivering education can now help students worldwide.

Aarsh, Co-Founder & COO, Gravitas AI


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