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How AI can impact employee productivity

Employee productivity at the workplace is not as balanced as it may sound. The approaching deadlines, personal life hassles, the office’s environment etc. can all make or break an employee’s concentration and focus at work. And oftentimes, it is observed that employees face a span of productivity issues and how one handles and passes through it decides the results, outcomes and success in professional lives. 

In addition, managing productivity, amalgamating precise strategy and emphasis on completion of critical tasks, establishing necessary communications are some of the challenges while maintaining employee productivity. Then, How can one overcome these challenges and ensure precise productivity at the office?

Technology can help! 

No matter how absurd it may sound, the technology we feel overwhelmed about and lose productivity around can also help us regain our productivity and efficiency in professional life. That’s where AI or Artificial Intelligence comes into the picture! 

It can stabilise and can provide us with the necessary help in channelising our energy in the right direction. Here are some of the ways in which AI can help stabilise employee productivity-  

  • Effective communication

Effective communication is one of the chief factors in maintaining efficiency at the workplace. According to the workplace communication statistics, it is found that almost 86% of employees see a failure of communication as the primary reason for low productivity. The inability to communicate ideas, having discussions with fellow employees were some of the major concerns.

No more! AI has a solution! 

Communication software imbibed with AI can solve this. These can establish communication and can update team members and fellow employees about critical discussions. This would help information flow and drive employees’ motivation to achieve more. Furthermore, it is also found that teams with effective and regular communication can increase productivity by up to 25%. 

  • AI assisting in everyday tasks

Generally, doing recurrent and everyday tasks is also one of the concerns for degrading productivity. In such a case, leveraging AI’s ability to execute hefty tasks in just a click can be a smart alternative. For instance, AI can manage attendance, HR operations, some everyday admin tasks and whatnot! 

  • A boon for “customers”

For customer-centric businesses, providing 24*7 customer support seems daunting. As customer support is an important pillar for a business’s market reputation, managing it in employees’ low productivity periods can seem difficult. For such a scenario, AI’s chatbots can be integrated. 

This adaptation will not only decrease dependency on employees’ productivity for customer support but will also push your business to better levels. 

  • Automation 

Think of yourself as an employee and imagine doing the same tasks and tedious tasks manually. This would not only decrease your interest in the tasks at hand but would also lower your motivation. The impact of this can be seen in results. But if automation is imbibed, tedious tasks can be achieved quickly in no time and keep employees’ zeal to work alive. 

  • AI as a manager

Sometimes not only lower hierarchical employees face productivity issues but managerial positions are also hit by temporal inefficiency. In such conditions, managing and looking after employees’ achievements and task completion can be difficult. 

But, by making AI a manager, one can ensure continuous and efficient management and completion of tasks and projects by other employees. 

AI: ready for today’s employee productivity 

If you think that getting an AI-enabled platform for managing employees, regular tasks and project completion is enough to maintain efficiency at work, you need to rethink! Today’s “employees” need more. 

With the hybrid or remote work models becoming the new professional culture, maintaining productivity in such scenarios is a new challenge. As everybody works from their systems from home or some remote locations, having them manage their projects and establishing communication amidst a team are challenges difficult to conquer. But, AI is ready for this! 

With the advent of online and cloud-managed communication channels, project management software and robust security platforms, AI surely is ready to support and ensure employee’s productivity in remote or hybrid working models. 



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