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Empowering Digital India With AI

India has one of the largest populations of the world trained in IT. The recent growth in the technology sector has been accelerating and digitalisation has been one of the prime focuses of the country. The IT sector has been pacing up continuously and AI has been emerging as one of the leading technology in the domain.

A few AI use cases

AI has always been seen as one of the greatest tool to empower and enrich human life, and to India, it has great potential that can be leveraged in a lot of ways.

Weather and Satellites

AI has been in use to analyse and process data from weather and imaging satellites. For a country like India, the one which is majorly dependent upon farming and agriculture, it plays an integral role in the development of the nation as a whole. Several countries have come up with a concept of AI guided drones to analyse and process analysis of farms to insurance authorities directly and remove the bureaucratic bottlenecks from the system. More efficient and effective use of combined human and computational resources and improvisations upon existing tools to achieve greater efficiency is yet to be achieved and expected to be achieved soon. Several tech giants have continuously been investing heavily upon the same and expecting better results in the future.

AI In Healthcare Industry

AI has played an important role in eradicating the obstacles from the health sector and help to improve the rural healthcare sector. AI has been a partner to the promoters of healthcare facilities and has provided and eased access to national and international resources. AI has also been used in recent years to analyse and get benefitted by the big data and has acted as an advisory body for the doctors. According to Frost & Sullivan, the healthcare industry is expected to fetch around $6 billion through AI induction. AI is expected to open doors to several new and important discoveries for problems that are widely being faced by mankind today. “AI is soon going to lead mankind towards the complete and holistic understanding of the human biology and provide us with the means to solve the complex issues associated with it,” says Thomas Chittenden.

AI In Industrial Growth

Indian IT sector, with AI technology, has led India to a great level of economic growth and has enabled the economy to strengthen and thrive. India is being seen as one of the leading nations in the world to become an active participant in initializing the fourth industrial revolution and driving the world towards growth. The industrial sector is expected to open up with a great number of opportunities and growth aspects to lead the sector to a greater level. With continuous investments and induction of AI in aspects of operational, managerial, manufacturing, and servicing, industries are expected to get equipped to be ready for the evolution in the near future.

AI In Defence

Defence forces of India have been using AI technology continue to help reduce the human and monetary costs and improve the situation of India’s internal security. The intelligence and law enforcement agencies of the country have been using AI and robotics in dealing with various threats and enhancing the safety of the nation from external powers. Using data analytics on large databases can help the process to be effective and efficient and deliver better and quick results. The Pentagon’s budget for 2020 is out and has fetched about $1 billion on AI tech. It has also accounted for over four times as much on unmanned and autonomous capabilities that rely on it. The challenges are yet to be faced like the issue of cybersecurity as most of the equipment would be driven and dependent on software. Another possible challenge is the skill shortage.

The Other Side Of The Artificial Intelligence

AI has been making wonders in various fields but there is a dark side of the AI that still needs to be taken care of and needs to be handled with precautions. With every advantage AI is expected to deliver to the world, some things have raised questions over its benefits and have been a controversial topic of debate. These are –

  • AI has been claimed several times to give authorities and governments of any other data holder to have great power over the people. The data can be used in any way and may be a cause of great loss or may be used in incurring unfair advantages.
  • AI has always been a great tool for terror groups and hackers to have unjust advantages over the rights of people. Unethical means may be easily promoted and the damages may be tremendously high.
  • AI has also been sometimes accustomed to various controversies for not being under proper law and ethics. India and other countries too still need to figure out solutions to complex problems AI would soon pose for humankind in the future. An ethical code of conduct is required.
  • An experiment in the Facebook headquarters is known to have recognized unknown and sudden behaviour of the machine learning process and the whole Facebook servers had to be shut down to control the situation.
  • With enormous benefits and advantages of the AI for the country, there are several changes and particulars to be worked upon before the AI revolution can take place and succeed.

Focus Of India: AI

While some of the sectors of the country have been successful in making a transition with compatibility with the AI, many of the areas still need to be under focus and accept the new technology to grow and develop. To compete with the growing economies and keep up with the pace, the government of India has been actively taking steps to promote and expand AI infrastructure in the country.

The government has been actively supporting the sector and in the same cause, has set up several centres to promote the industry. New and innovative schemes have been aligned to support the activities in the area and there have been several attempts to expand the innovation. According to the recent conference, many plans were laid out to help the vision get realised. Some of the important and notable points are:

  • The finance minister of India, Nirmala Sitharaman, in her interim speech, said the government shall set up a centre dedicated to the AI soon and nine major priority ideas will be identified.
  • The government has plans to take AI and emerging technologies closer to people and bring the same to daily use.
  • The government has revealed a plan to digitalise 1 lakh villages under the process in the coming years.
  • Tax returns are expected to be digitalised and anonymized that’ll benefit the process to be more transparent and help in cutting out the middlemen.

India has an opportunity with the induction of AI technology to become one of the leading nations of the world and enter the league of developed ones. With the induction of artificial intelligence, other sectors are expected to grow and develop exponentially, thus leading to the holistic growth of the nation. A great environment for start-ups and new businesses is expected to come up with the growing need and hence support the growth with better effectiveness.

Aarsh, Co- Founder & COO, Gravitas AI



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