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Emerging AI technologies that are reshaping the future world

We are a generation of technology. The world we are living in has tech advancements that once seemed impossible. The way new technologies and tech innovations have been broadening their wings, we are nowhere stopping, and it is commendable.

In this tech-infused world, humans are no more independent mortals. We need machines. Machines equipped with recent advancements thereby facilitating our living with optimum automation. The recent technologies have no doubt are elevating human capabilities and expanding the boundaries of human accomplishments.

The new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Robotics, Virtual reality, etc. are surely giving a vision for the future equipped with amalgamations of humans and machines. Out of all the budding technologies, AI or Artificial Intelligence have been extensively researched and implemented by tech giants. As there are equal pros and cons of AI, its future visions recite a promising tale.

Let’s discuss some of the emerging AI technologies that surely can reform our future for successive generations.

Augmented Reality

Providing an enhanced and interactive experience of the world, Augmented reality is changing the way we see the world. In Augmented reality, with the aid of specific devices, the computer-generated images are superimposed thereby elevating the interaction amid the real world. This is achieved by specifically designed or programmed devices enhancing the experience of the real world.

Augmented reality devices introduce users to a different fantasy world that is uniquely amplified and virtual. Who can forget the Pokemon Go game which gained popularity overnight? It gave users a chance to find pokemon in the real world whilst mustering virtual fantasy.

Augmented reality is firming its roots in the gaming world, and also in some advanced movie concepts. The artificial intelligence’s enemy bots, NPCs, or non-playable character features add more reality and amazement to this virtually augmented world.

We surely are optimistic about the future of augmented reality and AI as they can create some astonishing games, software, and products worth adapting.

GPT-3 or Generative Pre-Trained Transformer-3

Recently in 2020, AI has experienced one of the greatest applications; GPT-3. The model is created by the OpenAI team of San Francisco. It is a revolutionary advancement as it is trained on 175 billion standard machine learning parameters of the modern era. It surely is an astonishing change in the natural language processing arena.

A third-generation language prediction model, GPT-3 is an autoregressive language model trained to produce human-like text with the aid of deep learning and AI. Many have appreciated the fact that text written by GPT-3 was so similar to human written text that it nearly failed to get differentiated even by the experts. GPT-3 has endless applications in chatbots, news, magazines, answering machines, and whatnot!

IoT and Artificial Intelligence

IoT or the Internet of things is a way of controlling and operating elements in the immediate surroundings with the help of the internet. This has, in recent times, gained blowing popularity as it propounds some unbelievable applications in farming, transportation, logistics, etc.

The infusion of IoT with artificial intelligence has the potential to establish a whole new world. Its incorporation in devices like Arduino, Nvidia Jetson Nanao, Raspberry, and many more with the combination of sensors, motors, detectors with an ability to get controlled by wifi or Bluetooth have branched its usage in creating amazing and advanced utility products. Its optimum amalgamation also can aid in the development of most talked about products like self-driving cars, specialized chips, etc.

AI in Robotics

Robotics is one of the most fascinating and researched fields. As we now are inching towards a more automated world, robotics is gaining popularity and scientist’ continuous interest. According to the standard definitions, Robotics is the art of imbibing an electromechanical object with locomotion to attain certain tasks with elevated accuracy that too in less time. The developed machine is then called a “Robot”.

But all this sounded imaginary before the emergence of Artificial Intelligence. AI has given this thought a new dimension of possibility. The devices incorporated with specialized AI programs can be designed to do specific tasks such as medical operations, farmings, packaging products, industrial tasks, etc.

Artificial intelligence and its endless thunderbolts

If we say AI is bringing storm in the tech world. It won’t be wrong!

Ever since its discovery, Humans are finding new advancements with its cooperation. Not only for the present times, but it is also giving some major future aspects that can prove to be paramount for healthcare facilities, aerospace industry, agriculture, robotics, and whatnot.

It is even exploring some less popular areas like natural language processing units. Not only this, the applications and promising endeavors of artificial intelligence in the field of smartphones, auto-pilot cars, and virtual assistants are emerging in the modern era. It indeed is building a better future for successive generations. We surely cannot imagine a world without AI.

Ankita Sinha, Co- Founder & CTO, Gravitas AI


Ankita Sinha
CTO & Co- Founder, Gravitas AI

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