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How Gravitas AI makes its solutions niche-specific

Every business faces challenges, and hurdles. While these can range from reaching customers on time, to managing regular service, support, and communication, business challenges can be of different types.  And, often it is noticed that different businesses encounter different challenges. This elevates the need for different solutions as well! That’s where Gravitas AI enters! We deliver niche-specific AI-powered solutions to businesses. No matter if you are from the healthcare business or cater to students, and people with property needs, we have got a customized, and tailored product that’s right for you.  But, how do we do this? How does Gravitas AI manage to deliver niche-specific solutions to a range of businesses? Let’s find out!  Personalized touch We understand the need ...
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5 latest technology

5 latest Technologies that will rule the future 2022

Not long ago, the idea of 3G or 4G sounded witty, and even the implementation of electric cars seemed unthinkable. But, it all happened, and that too for good! The time wheel is revolutionizing continuously, and so is technology. The things tech has made possible today were not even in our wild imagination a time ago. All this happened due to human’s stubbornness to change and regularly improvise technology for advanced tomorrow. But, just like time is dynamic, technology also changes continuously. And today’s best invention can just be tomorrow's usual when more advanced principles arise. That’s how technology never fails to amaze humans. Let's dig in to know the 5 latest technologies that are here to stay! Every day, a new ...
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will chatbots replace humans

Will Chatbots Replace Humans someday?

Chatbots are probably one of the most leveraged and criticized AI agents. While these are leveraged for various reasons, one also criticizes these for significant reasons. But, this see-saw is not balanced!  It is believed that keeping in hand the benefits chatbots propose, the criticism or drawbacks can be ignored, and we can settle this debate on "Chatbots are essential!" Though everyone would second the fact that "Chatbots are important!" Some say these can be catastrophic for humans!  Nevertheless, the drawbacks can be well-handled with technology. Or, we shall ask, do we even need to worry? What's the deal with Chatbot?  Chatbots or conversational AI agents are virtual agents that can mimic human behavior in many ways. These can chat, ...
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Why is TINA the perfect and tireless AI teammate for your business

Finding a perfect teammate sounds imaginary. The one who takes care of your business the way you do handles everything seamlessly, even when you are not there to assist! This sounds like a hard drill. But what if we tell you your tireless teammate is here! TINA, your AI teammate to the rescue. Meet TINA: your tireless AI teammate!  Say Hi to TINA! TINA is reliable and trustable. It ensures you keep all things maintained and analyzed when it comes to business. Not only this, it can support you 24*7 and can be your one-stop destination for all simple day-to-day to complex tasks!  But, do you know how TINA does it all? TINA is built by Gravista AI’s experts. It ...
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Responsible AI: Is the digital front door safe and ethical to open?

Artificial intelligence or AI is on the see-saw of merits, and demerits. While some people only see its advantages and consider AI a miracle for the modern world, some say it is equally destructible. Though the idea is under the scrutiny of tech giants as well as regular people, there is no one who doesn’t agree with the fact that AI is here for the benefit of the human race! Be it its applications in the industries like logistics, education, and healthcare, or maybe its negative impacts of reducing the working human force in front end as well as back end industries, AI never fails to deliver what it promises. But Responsible AI is the way to go! “There will ...
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conversational ai in healthcare

Conversational AI(TINA) for Healthcare: Retransforming with the intelligent AI

It was not much before when COVID hit the world and made everyone realize the importance of stable healthcare services. Though the advancements in the field of healthcare were already in process, COVID highlighted the need. And, since then the use of Conversational AI in healthcare has been on the road.  One such AI principle being extensively leveraged in healthcare is Conversational AI!  Conversational AI in healthcare Believe it or not, conversational AI sets new applications in healthcare. Today, the rapid resolutions, service, and finding help online in minutes is the new “but-obvious” achievement. But, the healthcare sector struggles here! And, for that, it is now believed that conversational AI can help resolve the challenges, and retransform how healthcare used ...
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chatbots for it business

Here’s why chatbots can be a magic wand for your IT business

No business is devoid of challenges and problems. Be it the one dealing in a broad niche like the food industry or the one that deals in challenging, narrow niches like retail and real estate, there are hurdles. But, as problems are omnipresent in this dynamic business era, we can also find solutions under the surface. More often than not, technology is the answer to all such problems! One such technology solution for businesses across is the "Chatbots" for IT Business!  How can Chatbots be the solution for your business?  Believe it or not, Chatbots or conversational AI agents can help you get rid of most of your business challenges. Chatbots can bridge the gap between you and your prospective ...
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tina to improve your business

5 Powerful Ways TINA can improve your Business

Conversational AI is the future. In such times, when a customer is so habitual of having a business chatbot to resolve a query, it becomes essential and an obvious need for a business to have its own customized and central to their business Chatbot. That's where Gravitas AI can help! TINA can improve your business! Let us dig in to know more Our AI-powered assistant, TINA, can help you take your Business to elevated levels. It can help you improvise various aspects of your Business to keep the budget in the correct ratios. Here are some of the advantages of implementing TINA to improve your Business: Human-Like Conversation  TINA is developed with the robust and advanced principles of AI and ...
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conversational ai for future

Reshaping the human interaction: Conversational AI for future

Long gone is the time when human-to-human interaction was the core of communication. Conversational AI for future is here to change things. Now, things are different! Not only has human-to-human interaction been revolutionized, but the human to machine interaction has also come into the picture. And, this revolution is not dated today!  “The first-ever chatbot was developed in 1966; ELIZA.” In 1966, when the thought of interacting with computer programs sounded absurd, Joseph Weizenbaum implemented hardcore artificial intelligence norms and developed a software program based on pattern matching. This bot was able to converse with humans but fundamentally.  And since then, how this industry and the concept of establishing communication with machines developed has left everyone gobsmacked. But, what fueled ...
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virtualassistants change future work

5 ways virtualassistants change future work

Virtual assistants or conversational AI agents are today's world's new agents. These can make life easier, quicker, and also comfortable. As these are gaining popularity in almost all domains of life, be it personal smartphones, business services, or e-commerce stores, these no way lag when it comes to organizations. We are quite sure that virtualassistants will change future work! And, why would they not be? These can propose benefits that make organizations work smarter, increase productivity, and develop critical surface insights. In today's world, virtual assistants come with innumerable benefits. But, what about the future? Virtual Assistants are here to stay and revolutionize the way we work. "In a study by Gartner, it is estimated that by 2025, around 50% ...
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conversational ai at workplaces

Conversational AI at Workplaces: A Possible Future 

No one is unaware of how the recent pandemic has rotated the way offices or workplaces used to operate. Be it right from the productivity outputs of employees or the day-to-day activities of business organizations, the pandemic has revamped everything and anything. And, recently, when employees returned to their work desks, the situation changed!  Businesses expected better outputs keeping in mind the losses triggered by the pandemic. Further, the increased stress forced employees to look for help and support; that is where conversational AI enters the workplace!  Conversational AI at workplaces Through Conversational AI, virtual assistants become the agents that can excite human-like conversations without compromising precision and intent. Recently, these agents have gained immense popularity due to their ability ...
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tina, ai enabled chatbot transforming dentistry

How TINA helps Dental Patients: Dentistry and Conversational AI

AI; Artificial Intelligence is progressing and slowly making its way into our day-to-day professional lives. It is making every sector advanced and letting humans leverage automation. How can healthcare, a field that needs automation the most, lag in such a scenario? And for the betterment, many AI principles are being implemented in the medical field. But, one of the most friction principles is conversational AI in dentistry.   Conversational AI or virtual agents that can mimic or chat with humans in the most “human” form are winning this race. One such conversational AI agent is TINA and deployed in medical fields like dentistry. Dentistry and Conversational AI  Dental clinics provide support and medical services to patients experiencing tooth problems. But, often ...
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best guide to chatbot

The best Guide to ChatBots: how and what are they?

"Not sure if I am talking to a human or a very clever Chatbot!"  A Chatbot; your "Virtual" chat partner is common these days and never fails to amaze. These can answer any of your queries and help you get out of struck scenarios. You can find one on websites, apps, or on your smart devices! Sometimes, they also recommend you "Wow" products, and services, just like you. But, what are these? And what are their "superpowers"? We bring you the ultimate guide to chatbots and everything you need to know! Let's know our Chatbot friends in detail!  What are Chatbots?  Conversational Agents, AI assistants, or virtual Assistants; No matter which name you call a Chatbot, it will remain a ...
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