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AR Influence on Customer Decisions

Augmented Reality and its influence on the customer decision-making process

Augmented reality(AR)  or amplified experience influence the customer experience. It is widely discussed and applied in innovative devices to improvise automation in lives. Today, it can be seen in watches, high-tech movie experience, gaming, and whatnot! 

The technology is continuously advancing and is implementing modern applications. It was just yesterday’s story when AR got hyped and today, its increased popularity can be accounted for by its influence on critical steps of customer journey and customer experience. 

Not only this, it is being widely realized that products with AR (augmented reality) wins the market faster.  

Why AR?

In a survey, 61% of consumers said that they would prefer products that can be customized with AR. 

And if your customers like it, it’s already in demand. But what makes AR such a project worth investing in? 

The major reason behind its success is its ability to enhance and improve user experience. Games, software, logistics all brought up with AR provide end-users with a lot of different experiences. And when the user experience is advanced, the user feels engaging and gradually inclines towards it. 

AR Influencing customer’s decisions 

Think of yourself as an average customer and shortlist your decision-making points. You will probably put “experience” at the top of the list. 

That’s where Augmented Reality influences the decision-making process of the customer. As it significantly advances the user experience throughout the software or product usage, its right implementation can deliver value to users and hence, can influence their decision. 

Think of two gaming worlds. One incorporated with AR and let you experience the dinosaurs and other creatures of the jungle world while another one is just a game world motioning over a LED screen. 

Able to Interact with dinosaurs will definitely  be the major choice. That’s how AR lets you rule the customers. 

AR: The Future

AR shows signs of a pragmatic future. The day is not far when we all will be able to order food at restaurants with enhanced AR-driven menu options. Not only in real life, but applications of AR in logistics, and tech-driven hardware devices are also very progressive and will go to some amazing dimensions. 


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