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AI: Unlocking the new world of education

AI or artificial intelligence is the future. We, today, are thriving in a new world with machines becoming intelligent and humans who once designed these machines are learning through them. But humans have long been known to use everything for their benefit.

One such example is the use of artificial intelligence in the education world. The way artificial intelligence has unlocked new dimensions for the education world is astonishing and unbelievable. It has made delivering knowledge to masses a cakewalk, have made location constraints a thing of the past and also have made restricted learning a myth. It has unveiled the advanced learning methods for today’s “digitally active” generation.

Artificial intelligence works with education institutions, teachers and also students. Students knowingly or unknowingly interact through AI and grasp knowledge like never before. Here are detailed aspects AI has brought into the world of education.

For students

As a student, did you ever feel the desire of getting a global level education but didn’t make it possible due to associated expenses and other issues? Then, AI is a boon for you!

It has helped various students to get a global level education whilst residing at their places. This ability of AI to allow remote education has unlocked new worlds of education for students and has made global education a click-away drill.

Further, the added personalization through AI has also enhanced the experience of the virtual education world. The better knowledge delivery methods, 3D videos, interactive lessons and regular customized tests and assessments have helped students analyze their performance and grasp the concepts to a larger extent.

For teachers

Online education is a new world and virtual education platforms are new textbooks. In such a scenario, teachers and institutions often feel it difficult to track students’ performance and analyze their learning curve. These platforms also propose a limitation of understanding student’s weaknesses, pain points, where and when they need help etc.

Artificial intelligence delivered a pragmatic solution. AI can successfully track student’s performance throughout the platforms, can generate reports on where students struggle the most and can also aid in delivering personalized education. A well designed AI education platform can also provide deep insights about which subject and type of knowledge delivery interest students the most. Do students find video lessons most interesting or are they inclined to one on one sessions with tutors? AI answers these all!

This understanding of critical insights and collective data can bring new improvisations to teachers’ understanding of student’s performance on the platform.

For Institutions

Massive educational institutions delivering education and teaching millions of students face difficulties when it comes to customized study plans, righteous analysis of student’s performance, scheduling classes and whatnot!

But, with the aid of robust AI applications such as deep learning, all this becomes child’s play. AI can help sort data in such a fashion that it can assist in building better classes, delivering uncompromised knowledge to masses of students etc. Not only this, but AI can also help in managing teachers’ attendance, students’ attendance, institution’s headcount, course structure, amenities, schedules etc.

AI also makes it possible for institutions to deliver better academic and teaching assistance to students even residing far from campuses who cannot attend classes in person.

AI: A 360 degrees solution for the education world

AI has no doubt revolutionized the way the education world was used to operate. It has made education delivery to masses a click away, has made institutions’, teachers’ and students’ life easy.

It aids in the management of hefty academic records seamlessly and makes sure students get a complete in-depth understanding of concepts. It makes video lessons, 3D lessons, interactive graphic videos a way for new learning.

The stable virtual platforms infused with artificial intelligence can bring new dimensions to this whole sector and are propounding some exciting projections for the future world of education.

Aarsh, Co-Founder & COO, Gravitas AI


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