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AI Predictions for 2020

Artificial intelligence has been a topic of discussion for long. A number of experts and tech leaders have been continuously tracking the trends in the growth of artificial intelligence and trying to figure out its effects upon the world. With each passing day, the industry of artificial intelligence is touching new heights and coming closer to humans.

2019 marks the end of the decade which will forever be remembered as a period of huge transformations and transitions in the world of technology. From the introduction of artificial intelligence to its induction into the market, the decade has been a major part of this journey. As we move towards 2020, it becomes important and interesting to see what this new year is going to look like for the new technology. Let’s sneak into the predictions for artificial intelligence in the year 2020.

What’s in 2020 For Artificial Intelligence?

Let’s see what the year 2020 is going to be for artificial intelligence and how is it going to change the dimensions of technology.

Artificial Intelligence Looks Forward To Bigger Community

Thousands and more organisations and companies will look forward to joining the ongoing revolution. A report by Gartner speaks of about thirty-seven percent of the organisations using artificial intelligence at an advanced level at present. 2020 is going to see this trend rising at a whooping rate and services like cloud data storage and machine learning will be the new ordinary things to have.

A lot of marketing has come over to chatbots already and a lot more is yet to come. The bots have been an integral part of the customer experience and will continue to contribute to the business and customer relationships significantly. Artificial intelligence will give out better results when made more humanly and the chatbots seem to do every bit of theirs to make this happen.

Induction of artificial intelligence into daily lives

Artificial Intelligence has seen high growth in its induction into the daily lives of people around the world. Virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa have already seen massive usage in the past few years which, as expected, will bring in new services in 2020. Voice search and hands-free services will be a big feature that artificial intelligence will soon give out and change a lot in the world of technology.

A number of companies have already started acquainting themselves with artificial intelligence to keep up their supply chain and e-commerce in 2020. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will be used highly in daily operations like inventory management, managing supply and demand, assisting returns, and exceeding efficiency levels.

Artificial Intelligence Will Understand More To Do More

Continuous development and focus of the industry upon the betterment of the technology is to minimise the gap between machine and humans. It has been seen that artificial intelligence has grown a lot more intelligent than ever before in 2019. A number of tech leaders like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple have continuously tried their best to enhance the level of understanding machines carry through data and information.

It is highly possible for 2020 to see the machines a lot more intelligent and knowledgeable than ever before. Machines will understand more and do a lot more than they do at present. More machines and artificial intelligence is going to rely upon neuro-symbolic technology. Neuro-symbolic technology will help the artificial intelligence to become a perfect blend of learning and logic and thus, will give out results that exceed the expectations.

Artificial Intelligence Isn’t Going To Take Your Job, But Change How You Do It

Probably not in 2020, artificial intelligence is going to take your job away, but is going to change the way how you work highly for sure. Artificial intelligence has been and will continue to assist you at your workstation but skills like expertise and strategy are still the things of the future. Although artificial intelligence will have a direct impact on employment but will get inducted into it highly in 2020.

Energy Appetite For Green Technology

The artificial intelligence industry is going to transform in many ways in 2020 and green technology is one of the major ones. The appetite for the energy demands of AI will have to be taken care of for the rising power of artificial intelligence should not impact the global natural balance. 2020 will see a rise in environmental concerns and so will the artificial intelligence industry.

To keep up with the growth and development, the industry will have to align its goals to the same and will have to accommodate green technology into its mission. This includes the creation of several new devices, materials, software systems, and designs to make artificial intelligence more sustainable in nature. The direct impacts would be the decrease in the total energy consumption which stands at 2% of the global usage as well as the decrease in carbon footprint.

AI Will Affect Medicines and Discoveries

Artificial intelligence will have a great role in assisting laboratories and industrial chemistry to synthesize molecules and new drugs that will become a major part of life-saving drugs. The usage of artificial intelligence and machine learning has already been significant in the medical industry and will continue to rise in 2020. It is highly expected to see automation and artificial intelligence to deliver high breakthroughs in materials discovery and development. In the same concern, IBM has devised a tool based on artificial intelligence that can predict millions of chemical reactions and even synthesize molecules in cloud storage.


Artificial intelligence has continuously been recording the growth and development in the past few years and will continue to see a rising trend in its development and usage. The decade saw artificial intelligence to rise from just a topical discussion to something which has become a part of our lives somewhere or the other. 2020 is going to fuel the transformation of the artificial intelligence industry and will boost growth. A number of tech leaders and organisations have been predicting the great future of artificial intelligence in 2020 and the year seems to be interesting to record the innovations and disruptions artificial intelligence is going to make.


Artificial intelligence is going to see a lot of new and developmental efforts to bring in better opportunities for its sustainability. 2020 will see a number of transformations AI will bring in.

Aarsh, COO & Co-Founder, Gravitas AI



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