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AI and Education Sector

Ever since the hybrid model of lives has struck us, humans are accomplishing everything with a touch of digitalization. Such an amenity of the digital world; Artificial intelligence is pacing our progress to advanced and smarter ways of living.

Artificial intelligence has not left anything untouched and has been firming roots from medical to education and from management to finance sectors. For the last few years, AI has been around us and we are leveraging it knowingly or unknowingly.

Have you parked your car with a parking sensor? Or have you used your smartphone’s interactive features to get that perfect picture?

Then, you are an AI user already!

With advanced tech and smart minds, nowadays, AI is not difficult to incorporate with any model to get better, intelligent and rapid solutions. For such, the education sector is also using and amalgamating AI to infuse innovation with the idea of developing this sector optimally.

AI can no doubt bring an awesome fistful of benefits to the education sector and some of them are- 

  • Adaptable and personalized software

Every student is unique and so are their needs. Some grasp a concept in one read and some, however, need real-life examples and detailed insights into usage and applications to imbibe the concept thoroughly.

Teachers, handling or interacting with a class of 30-40 students often feel cumbersome in providing personalized and detailed attention to every student. As a result, some lag behind while some run a lasting race.

Artificial intelligence, if imbibed and used optimally can aid in the development of personalized and customized study plans for students. These can be revisited and played multiple times according to the learner’s need.

Some software can also be designed with AI application points where after one or two content sessions, a system can comprehend the student’s learning pace and can deliver content accordingly. The option of designing customized tests and assessments can also fuel the student’s interest and ability to learn.

  • All-time available support for students

Teachers cannot stay with students all the time. In such a scenario, students feel bored or inordinate to wait for the classroom hours to get their doubts and queries cleared.

How about a dedicated system to clear the air from learner’s doubts every time and anytime!

An efficient and customized platform designed with AI can ensure regular availability of videos, chat support from experts, research papers, images and what not to propound students with everything they need to imbibe the concept meticulously. These can elevate students’ interest in studies thereby securing our students with smarter and efficient development.

  • Improve and amend the learning programs

Think of yourself as the owner of an online learning platform. You aspire to provide students with life-saving and insightful content. How would you make sure the learners are compatible with the content of the subject?

By gathering data, right!

But would it be possible to gather data from around lakhs of students enrolled on your platform?

We indeed need an intelligent and efficient system for that. Artificial intelligence serves the purpose.

It can gather insightful data from across thousands and lakhs of student’s accounts and can provide detailed penetration into critical data parameters such as, how many students watched the whole content? How many students found it helpful, how much time do students spend on the platform and whatnot!

The gained insights and parameters help improve the content and make it more interactive and adaptable. The AI can also identify the gaps in content and optimum delivery thereby bringing valuable and robust modifications in the way education is being delivered for years.

  • Modifies our way of interacting with knowledge

Textual books are paramount and have been serving with immense knowledge from time immemorial. But as today’s times made everything available at a click on our devices, we move to find textual knowledge too in a click but indeed in a better and more interactive way.

Interactive 3D videos, graphs, adaptable and customized results all have made it easy and interesting for students to comprehend the detailed concept in no time. This can bring innovation in the way of experimenting with knowledge delivery that too with optimum and efficient touchpoints.

  • Automates the grading system

Teachers spend hours and hours of effort to grade and mark students’ performance. Due to this, important study lessons often get missed. Artificial intelligence can bring automation in this process.

The software can be designed with AI to calculate grades and compare and contrast the students’ performance. These systems can bring a hefty change to grading systems and can end omnipresent partiality and favouritism in institutions.

Often, Entrance or eligibility tests also embrace AI for better conductions nationwide. In India, several national level entrance exams have been adapting AI to make their tests more reliable, unbiased and protected. Nevertheless, we can see more AI-powered tests or exams in near future.

  • Increased security in educational institutions

Security remains a major concern for parents when their students attend colleges, schools far from home. As every institution has CCTV surveillance incorporated, fusing it with AI-powered sensors can elevate safety in and around educational institutions.

Facial recognition, I-card identification and other fingerprint sensors mustered with AI can bring revolutionary changes in the education sector.

Last words: AI; creating an end-to-end managed education domain

Education is paramount and needs to be of excellent quality. As students’ interest in schools and colleges is gradually decreasing due to ubiquitous distractions present, one needs to amend the way of delivering education to keep students motivated and interested.

Textual books are amalgamated with online interactive and 3D lessons, image powered content, for better comprehension to students. The collected data can recommend necessary changes and modifications for the betterment of students, teachers and the education sector as a whole. AI no doubt can weave innovations and advancements with knowledge and perfection.

Aarsh, COO & Co-Founder, Gravitas AI


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