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AI and API Shaping the Future of Mobile Applications

The unprecedented proliferation in technology, consistent emergence of different smartphones and Internet access with incredibly high speed — some of these factors have transformed the way users are leveraging the Internet today.

Owing to the redefined user-interaction, most of the organizations are now embracing ‘mobile-first’ approach to engage more audiences worldwide. In order to build more interactive, engaging and user-friendly mobile applications, the developers are increasingly inclining toward Artificial Intelligence.

The powerful combination of AI and machine learning can shape the future of mobile app development to a vast extent. AI is the key to a successful and purpose-driven next-gen mobile app.

If you haven’t yet tapped into the unexplored perks of AI-integrated mobile apps, then give the following excerpt a read to push the boundaries of your limited knowledge in this regard –

AI Introducing Apps with Perfection and Precision

With Artificial Intelligence, a mobile app developer can create the desired environment software for his business, apart from coming up with highly advanced enterprise solutions.

The whole process of building AI-integrated apps involves the use of certain software. These have a strong resemblance to the neuron structure in the Central Nervous System. Upon recalling all the data that were received earlier, such software can analyze them for the further application.

The inclusion of Artificial Intelligence in a mobile app can spell a whole world of opportunities, which is why; the millennial entrepreneurs are inclining toward AI-based apps for fueling their business growth.

AI Knowledge Amassed in App Development

Almost every business needs an app, which is functionally as well as behaviorally aligned to its prime objectives, products or services. The integration of AI can be a great way to simplify interactions with the users.

Over the past few years, the mobile app developers have started integrating different AI technologies in a more customized manner, which has made decision making a simpler task than ever.

It will not be exaggerating to state that within a couple of years, Artificial Intelligence will predominantly take over the business spaces. As mentioned earlier, a large number of business hubs have already begun to reap the benefits of AI today, and this could be estimated that the value of the AI industry would increase exponentially by the year 2025.

It is anticipated that in the forthcoming years, the integration of Artificial Intelligence in mobile app development will witness a staggering hike. As a result of this phenomenon, there will be a paradigm shift in the field of mobile app development, followed by the emergence of business apps operated by machine learning.

The Perks of Integrating AI and API in Mobile Apps

That day is not far when the mobile app development industry will go under the sway of AI and API. Artificial Intelligence has begun to unveil endless possibilities for building more successful apps that could provide a unique user-experience, create awareness about a brand and generate more revenues.

Below are mentioned some of the biggest perks of integrating Artificial Intelligence in a mobile application. Have a look –

  • Customer Interaction has Become Easier Since its introduction, the automated interactive bots or chatbots have taken the world by storm. A chatbot has successfully heisted the glory of automated communication by redefining computer program and artificial intelligence. With this automated interactive agent, the AI-integrated API or Application Program Interface has successfully bridged the gap between different brands and their intended audiences.

With the perk of speech recognition implemented via chatbots, the millennial consumers are enjoying seamless interactional experiences. It has enabled the organizations to assist their clients with a greater ease, besides resolving their queries or personalizing their requisites.

A recent survey has revealed that most of the new-generation smartphone users have gone all praises for the interactive bots, mainly because they have taken customer experience to another level. This indicates that the mobile apps coupled with AI, will be ruling over the mobile industry in the near future.

  • Mobile Apps are Being Personalized There’s no denying the fact that brands have been trying to delight their consumers with a more memorable and personalized experience. The confluence of Artificial Intelligence and API has started showing possibilities galore in this domain.

The new-age mobile apps are being developed in such a way that they can easily trace the locations of the users and provide instant search-results accordingly. Through different means such as online traffic, mobile devices, PoS machines, etc., the business firms can now obtain thorough information about their consumers.

Thanks to the recorded behaviors of the consumers along with the collated data, it has become a lot easier to personalize the obtained results. Due to this perk, different business firms can maximize the rates of consumer retention to a wide extent.

On a larger scale, the AI-integrated APIs can also help revamp the search algorithm. This will resultantly switch the focus on more contextual and personalized mobile app experience.

  • Improved Search Experience Since the past few years, the business organizations have noticed that Artificial Intelligence has been successful in improving the experience of their consumers. With the AI-based mobile apps, the customers can search through images and voices, apart from the conventional text inputs.

This apart, the users can also use their native languages for interacting, which will definitely boost their mobile app experiences. A couple of features including, image recognition, app localization, voice recognition and the likes have bolstered the mobile apps, in regards to usability.

  • Upgraded App Security No matter what, security will continue to be a prime concern for most of the mobile app developers. A wide variety of technologies including predictive analysis or machine learning can empower mobile app security by leaps and bounds.

By keeping a tab on the behavioral patterns of the customers, it will be easier to assess the level of their vulnerability. The upcoming years will also witness many advanced ways of logging in or logging out of a mobile app. Also, business organizations could use a number of APIs to develop their mobile applications based on Artificial Intelligence.


The cursory level of Artificial Intelligence is around us: in the case of computers it’s predicting the users’ preferences, smartphones that is obeying voice commands and the likes. On the horizon, there would be some major breakthroughs in the field of mobile app development, which could bring benefits galore to the developers as well as the users.

Ankita Sinha
CTO & Co- Founder, Gravitas AI

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