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A Unique Language Translation API for Multi-Language Chatbots

Chatbots are empowering the companies by simplifying the effort required in assisting the customers and resolving the queries. Without any human intervention, Chatbots are now able to understand the queries and provide the relevant solutions.

With quick responses and the ability to handle multiple queries at a time, Chatbots are truly strengthening the customer support capabilities of companies. However, if you want to expand your user base and geographic reach, a multi-language Chatbot is the way to go.

Capability to detect, identify and speak 20+ languages

If you fancy a Chatbot that speaks multiple languages, do not worry about developing such a Chatbot from scratch. We present to you Gravitas AI’s proprietary Language Translation API, which can complement your Chatbot’s abilities!

Our Language Translation API breaks global barriers as it has the capability to detect, identify and speak over 20 languages! Our API can translate user queries in:

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Hindi
  • Japanese
  • Vietnamese

And more!

Why Choose our Language Translation API?

Once your Chatbot is powered by our Language Translation API, your Chatbot:

Identifies languages based on user input: Based on the user input, your Chatbot will immediately identify the language. There is no need for the user to specify the language that is being input. The detection is automatic. Also, with the capability of understanding more than 20 languages, your Chatbot will be able to handle a wide range of user queries.

Responds in the language in which the question is asked: Your Chatbot will not only understand the input language but will be able to respond in the same language in which the question is asked. With the twin capabilities of understanding and response, you Chatbot can truly engage with the customers.

Detects the most dominant language from multiple languages: With Chatbots that respond to multiple languages, the challenge is when the user switches from one language to another. For example, what if the user switches suddenly from his/her native language to English? In such cases, our language translation API responds intelligently. It picks the most dominant language used among the multiple languages, and then it responds in that language. This eliminates the confusion involved when the user switches between the languages.

Translates languages with Accuracy: Our Language Translation API translates the multiple languages with accuracy. This means your business can interact with your customers in their own language. Connect to the customers who speak a foreign language with our language translation feature.

Indulges in Authentic Conversation with Sentiment Analysis:  Your Chatbot will indulge in a realistic conversation with the users.  It will also indulge in sentiment analysis, which means that it will extract the opinions, emotions from the users – whether they are positive, negative or neutral. Language translation combined with Sentiment Analysis is an added advantage. Based on this, the Chatbot will steer the conversation in the right direction, in a way which the customer is most satisfied with. This leads to more accuracy in responding to the user queries.

Benefits of a Multi-Language Chatbot

Imagine a customer wants to know the list of products offered by your company. However, he/she asks the query in the native language. While the answer is easy, if your Chatbot doesn’t understand the foreign language, it may not come up with this simple answer of listing the products available. Manual translation services or escalating the query to a human are time consuming, and this may prompt the customer to look for the providers elsewhere. A multi-language Chatbot overcomes this problem by understanding and responding quickly. Below are some of the benefits of multi-language Chatbot.

  • Reach a wider audience: Do you know that just 7.5% of the people in the world consider English as their native language? If your company sells products or services, it is likely that your customers come from more than one country. If you want to make your business accessible and expand your geographical reach, having a multi-language Chatbot is a great solution.
  • Strengthen customer engagement:  Do you know that people who consider English as their second language might be comfortable in their native language? By speaking in the native language, you would be able to engage your customer in a deeper way.
  • Provide personalized experience to your users: When your Chatbot has the capability to speak the language of your users, switch between multiple languages, you would be able to provide a truly personalized experience to your users.
  • Stand out from your competitors: A multi-language Chatbot will help you to stand out from your competitors. Apart from other unique features, your strong customer support can help you to differentiate yourself from other companies.

 Make your chatbot a polyglot and a global sensation

Building a multi-language Chatbot from the scratch involves developers, time, good budget, understanding of languages, and other aspects. All these might keep you from developing the core capabilities. You can leave this work to us, the experts and focus on your core capabilities. With Gravitas proprietary Language Translation API, you do not have to worry about developing the wide range of features required in a multi-language chatbot. When you choose our API, you get all the capabilities of a multi-language API and much more.

  • Our API is simple to integrate, which means that you can have your multi-language Chatbot up and running in no time.
  • We are here to eliminate your concerns about implementing a multi-language Chatbot. When you choose our API, you get the best capabilities that will help you maximize the potential of your Chatbot.
  • With the potential to understand and respond in 20+ languages, our API can transform your Chatbot. Make your chatbot a polyglot and a global sensation!

A chatbot that’s a polyglot is a great idea when you are trying to break global language barriers and establish a business footprint worldwide. If this is your goal, choose Gravitas Language Translation API today!

Ankita Sinha, Co- Founder & CTO, Gravitas AI

Ankita Sinha
CTO & Co- Founder, Gravitas AI

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