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virtualassistants change future work

5 ways virtualassistants change future work

Virtual assistants or conversational AI agents are today’s world’s new agents. These can make life easier, quicker, and also comfortable. As these are gaining popularity in almost all domains of life, be it personal smartphones, business services, or e-commerce stores, these no way lag when it comes to organizations. We are quite sure that virtualassistants will change future work!


And, why would they not be? These can propose benefits that make organizations work smarter, increase productivity, and develop critical surface insights. In today’s world, virtual assistants come with innumerable benefits. But, what about the future? Virtual Assistants are here to stay and revolutionize the way we work.


“In a study by Gartner, it is estimated that by 2025, around 50% of employees will leverage virtual assistants daily. This number was just 2% in 2019!”


But why apply virtual assistants at an organization?

Here are the 5 key benefits of virtualassistants change future work that make them ideal for setting up the foundation for the robust workplaces of tomorrow!  


Problem-solving at workplace


Problem identification and solving are the key challenges in any organization. Be it a small-scale business or a business dealing in hundreds, and thousands of SKUs, identifying bottlenecks and improvising solutions are necessary. And that’s where conversation AI agents can bridge the gap! 


Their ability to capture data, interpret, and help surface insights can help identify problems and possible bottlenecks in any organization’s processes. Not only for the internal processes, if a business implements virtual assistants for the customer service front, these can also help recognize challenges, glitches, and possible nicks in the customer service chain. 


Automate the recurring tasks


Even though organizations have to deal with different challenges every day, there are specific tasks that become recurrent and monotonous. This decreases employee productivity and zeal to work. Further, tedious tasks mitigate employees’ motivation and schedules, shifting their focus from engaging and interesting new tasks at work. 


But, if you have implemented Chatbots in your organization, you can bring automation to these recurring tasks. Upon automation, not only the recurrent tasks are completed within time, but the accuracy and precision are also well-taken of by your virtual assistant. Further, if you are worried about any loopholes in these processes, these virtual assistants can also be managed and programmed to check accuracies setting the foundation for automated workplaces in the future!  


Communication, Alerts, and Notifications 


It is believed that internal communication in an organization is a reflection and precursor of good employee productivity. And that’s where implementing virtual assistants and initiating voice-based communication can help! 


“A Gartner report has found that, by 2023, around 25% of employee interactions will be done through voice-based communication!”


Yes, voice-based communication is the future. Moreover, the benefits of virtual assistants don’t end only in enabling and optimizing employee communication; they can also streamline the process of sending alerts, notifications, and reminders. This can ensure everything remains managed and optimized and eliminates glitches in sending updates and timely tasks within teams and management authorities. 


Task Management 


The reasons for low employee productivity can vary. While sometimes, it can be due to glitches in communication cycles, or task difficulties, it can also be due to atrocious task management. When, why, how, and what a specific employee’s role in a project must be clear to maintain team tasks and projects. 


As the success of these team projects pronounces the organization’s growth and development, organizations need to invest a sheer amount in enabling methods that can balance and maintain the proper task management cycles. And the best answer is “Virtual agents.” The future will hold these conversational agents as “Task Managers” in the organization of varied scales!


Customer Service 


One of the best applications of virtual assistants; is customer service. Believe it or not, one of the foremost challenges that arise when a business scales up is maintaining and optimizing customer service for masses of audiences. The employee workforce feels overworked or fails to manage and deliver valued solutions to all customers at once. 


With virtual assistants for customer service, your employees optimize productivity and focus on scaling up business rather than assisting customers. More features include multilingual support, 24*7 availability, and customized solutions. All these factors make these agents the best addition to your team. 


Virtual Assistants as employees: A future of workplaces


Though virtual assistants are still in workplaces, some advanced use cases would witness the future. Be it implementing these for automating tasks, reminding employees, or taking the place of your “Manager,”; these are here to make your work intelligent and advanced! 


So, what are you waiting for? virtualassistants change future work and at Gravitas AI, we Contact experts, and get a virtual assistant customized for your business! Talk with Gravitas AI’s expert team today! 



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